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hey guys ive been wondering if ectopic pregnancy is commonly found in the end of the 3rd month to the begining of the 4th.?

I am about 12 weeks pregnant and all of a sudden (in 1 days time) i have developed a nausiating pain in the left side of my abdomen going round tward my left lower back. i have had no bleeding, no shoulder pain. The pain gets worse when i urinate or have a BM. and it has been constant all day. could this just be a severe case of constipation or should i go to the hospital????

Jamie from NJ


for one if it was an ectopic pregnancy,you would definetly know by now. It would have already ruptured and you would know it. I'm not sure what that is but you do need to get it checked out because severe pain during pregnnacy is not a good thing.