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hope to find the answer here but what are the symptoms for ectopic pregnacys cuz i have been feeliing big cramps to the left side of my uterus and extreme back pain yesterday night i almost cried cause i couldn't stand the pain it starts from almost the center of my breasts al the way to the back has anyone had these symptoms before? hope i can get some answers


The early signs of an eptopic pregnancy are:

- Pain in the lower abdomen, and inflammation (Pain may be confused with a strong stomach pain, it may also feel as a strong cramp)
- Pain while urinating
- Pain and discomfort, usually mild.
- Vaginal bleeding, usually mild.
- Pain while having a bowel movement

Patients with a late ectopic pregnancy typically experience pain and bleeding. Severe internal bleeding may cause:

- Lower back, abdominal, or pelvic pain.
- Shoulder pain.
- There may be cramping or even tenderness on one side of the pelvis.

Ectopic pregnancy can mimic symptoms of other diseases such as appendicitis, other gastrointestinal disorder, problems of the urinary system, as well as pelvic inflammatory disease and other gynaecologic problems.

I recommend you visit your physician if the symptoms persist.


thank you for that information im not bleeding at the moment the only thing is the cramping on my left side of the abdomen bloated and back ache i did go to my gyno on tuesday and they did a pelvic exam and she said it looked normal and just yesterday i went to get a vaginal ultrasound and they haven't called me so i'm still waiting. thanks any eays for your info.