Hello, I just got my positive pregnancy test from my doctor,I'm in my 4th week and I'm surprised that when I woke up, i felt a pain on my neck radiating towards my back and a little bit to my shoulders. I don't feel it when i'm in my lying position but it aches when i'm sitting down or standing up. The pain is greatest when I bow my head down and slightly when i turn my head from left to right. I can also tilt my head backward with no pain. I also had my ultrasound and they can't see any sign of my pregnancy yet. I verified from the sonographer if it's possible that Im having ectopic pregnancy, but he confirmed nothing, he just said that the rupturing ectopic pregnancy is not in view. However I'm still afraid that these are signs of ectopic pregnancy, because I felt the pain the night I slept after my ultrasound. I also thought that it was muscle spasm or stiff neck but then there's nothing new in the set of beddings that I used and I felt the pain after 3hours of normal sleep.