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Hi. Ive been having a slight abdominal pain more like two weeks now. I thought it was due to my ovulation time but those days have already pass (2 days ago) and the discomfort continues. Its like a slight menstrual pain. I have also been feeling a lil nauseas during the day at work. Im a bit concerned because I did have unprotected sex on the day after my period ended. Im very regular with my period having a 28 day cycle and my next period is supposed to come in 11 days. So I dont think it can be a pregnancy because intercourse was the day after my period so, i figured, chaces are pretty slim. Right? But this discomfort is so unusual that its making me think... Any thoughts???


It could be medication, if you're on any.
I know an antibiotic I'm on right now has a side-effect with abdominal pain.
But, to be sure, you may just want to wait until your period is due.
If it doesn't come, I suggest buying a pregnancy test or seeing a doctor.

Good luck to you! :]