I’m a 24 yrs old male , and have had this problem for over a year now . perhaps these details will give you some insight .


It started October 2011 , I adopted a cat , often when the cat sat on my lap I noticed its bowels moving quite frequently . a few days later , I started feeling some unusual noise in my abdomen , a frequent rhythmic noise in certain area , I had to release gas more often and started feeling discomfort . I also noticed that the cat’s stool had some mucus and blood in it , at the time I wasn’t doing well financially and couldn’t take the cat to the vet so I let her go ,fearing I caught some parasite . again I couldn’t check my own health as well ,so I started self-medicating , buying and going through various herb programs and OTC anthelmintic drugs .but with no results . again the bowel movement or noise is quite unusually rhythmic , in certain area and the rhythm lasts a few minutes then goes away then reappears later .

Perhaps a month later ,Late night cramps and excessive gas started to appear , and I started to have a strong need for sweets ,going without sugar would make me quite irritated . Then , I started having a eating problem , I couldn’t feel full no matter how much I eat ( to this day I still feel the same ) , the feeling of having eaten enough is gone , I would often stop eating when I feel too heavy to move or when having painful abdominal pressure from eating too much .

4-5 months later , I got myself medically checked by various doctors and health professionals , had some x-rays , made stool tests (1 out of 2 showed amoeba for which I went through more than 3 treatments with no relief of symptoms ) .

7 months later , I started having a very faint pain in my left chest ,  maybe behind the 4th rib a little left to the sternum , I ignored the pain for a while since it was too faint . slowly the pain started to increase , till I realized it’s nerve related , then It spread to include left side of my thyroid , pain and numbness shooting down my left arm , with a hypersensitive left ear .

I got myself checked again by various health professionals , there doesn’t seem to be something wrong with my heart or lungs ,so they assume it’s psychological . I could agree ,but I know very well it isn’t . It has been consistent for over 6 months now, it has been getting stronger till it reached a near plateau , 24/7 the pain is there and never goes away , at when I get hungry it gets really awful and I MUST eat .

Right now I got used to my unusual abdominal cramps , rhythmic noise and excessive gas , although a consistent pain in my upper left abdomen have developed in correlation with the chest/arm pain .

I did a couple of stool tests ,one came out with amoeba the other with pinworms , tests might have not been so accurate , though I took their medications, and many medication courses . In fact I have taken many anthelmintic medications multiple times, just trying to rule out all possible parasites  .  I researched my symptoms over the internet and tried to take medications for most possible parasites . and again went through some herb programs and anthelmintic diet.

Although I must point out ,I have never found any kind of worm/egg or visible parasite in my stool during all this time . but I always had the near certain feeling that I have something living in my abdomen , (it’s ‘near’ certain since I haven’t had any solid confirmation ) .

Along with my chest-complex pain , and abdominal pain , I started developing mental issues, of de-realization and confusion , and you would assume many frequent depression bouts , very likely because of how this problem has affected so many aspects of my life , specially my chest/arm complex pain , which can make me extremely irritated and maybe furious at times unless I consume A huge amount of food immediately .when I do ,my left abdominal pain slightly settles and my chest pain is down by around 20% , until I go a few hours without food .

When I go a few hours without food , I start getting really irritated , abdominal and chest/arm/thyroid pain starts rising , left ear gets sensitive , and I have to eat a lot of food . eating a lot of food is a big part of the problem .


To sum up current symptoms ;

  • Nerve related left chest pain , connected to nerve pain shooting down my left arm ,and up my thyroid and a sensitive left ear . all feel very connected .
  • With association to the older symptom of left abdominal pain , abnormal rhythmic noises , bloating and discomfort .
  • When both symptoms occur , Large consumption of food is necessary .
  • I can no longer feel full ,there’s no sensor that tells me I ate enough .
  • Mental confusion , derealization and depression ,which is very likely related to how this problem affected my life . and is definitely not the cause of the problem .

Almost everyday now is revolved around food , not wanting to eat too much , and ending up doing so eventually , putting almost every other activity and life plans aside , just to manage this pain/food issue .