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Hey guys, so heres my story .. Me and my boyfriend has unprotected sex and he ejaculated in me on the 21 of feb , my period is regular so i get it about 28-29 days . I did some research on the web and i checked out my probabilities and i filled out the form on the part that says how many days does it take for you to bet you period i put 29 so it had calculated that the day i had sex was the day i was most fertile. And the next day which was the 22nd i (OV) ovulated. BUT if i had put on the calculator 28 day for my next period the the 21 would be the day i ovulated.... Here the tricky part ive tooken 2hpt and both Negative, but i sort of have common pregnancy signs Like i cant sleep at night, some time i get nauseas and sometimes i finish eating and then run to the bathroom to throw up, i get lower back pains, lately ive been very moody, before i was belching alot, i frequently urinate and im constatly thirsty. When i push down on my lower abdominal stomach it hurts. At night im always HOT. And suddenly icant stop eating ! Ohyeah and my boobs hurt just a lil when i touch them. They say your body can play tricks on you so whats going on am i pregnant or not ? Btw my period isnt due until 4-5 days and i cant wait !!! I NEED HELP SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!!!!! ? is there anyone like me???


The stress from worrying about being pregnant could be causing some of your symptoms. The thing about ovulation is you just have to have sex anytime in the time frame of ovulation not just on that day so if you did ovulate on the 22nd the sperm from the 21st would of still being inside of you waiting for the egg. Sperm can live on average around 3 days inside of you but some sperm can live up to 5 if your ph is the right level for them. Did you take the home pregnancy hpt test in the morning with your first urine after waking up? A lot of women have to wait until after a missed period to get an accurate positive on a home pregnancy test. Wait until your period is around 3 days late and take another pregnancy test. If negative retest once its a week late. If it still comes up negative and no period make an appointment with your doctor. They will run several blood test one being a blood pregnancy test.