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I've been having unprotected sex with my boyfriend for the past month and he likes anal. We kind of switched back and forth from anal to vaginal, both unprotected. For the past week now, there's a white discharge coming from my vagina and it's obviously gross and scary. For the past two weeks, it's been painful during urination. I feel like I have to urinate a lot more often. I also may be pregnant but not entirely sure yet. I'm pretty scared and nervous about everything. I know I should go to a doctor but I kind of just want to get an idea of what's happening. Any ideas would be helpful! PLEASE HELP.


Symptoms i have:
* itchy burning pain before and after urination
* white gooey discharge
* white gooey cum *sorry if thats tmi*

symptoms i DONT have:
* foul smells coming from my vagina
* unnormal bleeding
* no bumps at all

Im 20 years old and ive had a child approximately a year ago. Im really stressed out right now, and have insomnia, anxiety attacks, and emotional waves all the time. I am sexually active, and i KNOW im not pregnant. what could this be. please tell me its just a yeast infection or something normal. help!!!


I would just guess a yeast infection try the 1 day monistat and see if it clears up if it does then you know!!   You have classic symptoms of yeast infection but if still in doubt please see your doc!!