Okay, so from a guys perspective (excuse me if I come off like a jerk, I don't mean to. My girlfriend has simply asked me to do as much research as possible, as this is her option.)

So essentially, this is our issue. 2 weeks ago this Saturday (October 6th, 2012) my girlfriend of 8 months and I were messing around and things escalated. She was due for her period about 2 - 3 days ago. We have not done a pregnancy test, which is in the planning for this weekend (Saturday the 6th, evening), mainly because I've read this is step one, as well as we aren't completely certain (I don't remember ejaculating*, she has a lot of stress with school and just got over being sick, some key symptoms aren't present, she's shwing her normal signs of PMS) if she really is, or we're over reacting.

*Neither of us were intoxicated or under the influence of any kind.

We live in New York state, where I've read that parental consent isn't required. However, her mother is (witnessed by me) known to fly off the handle (extreme anger, resentment of her daughter at times), and the extremely unfortunate side of this is that the consequences of her finding out could be pretty dire. If we need to face the music of her finding out, then so be it. But in a perfect scenario, we could get this done without her finding out. I'm starting to save money for it in anyway I can, but I just have a few questions.

-Is there a way in which her mom wouldn't have to find out?

-Is no insurance an issue?

-Recommendations for helping her through the emotional issues of this?

-Would any funds help us out?

Thank you to anyone who can help out. I can't stress it enough. As cliche as it probably sounds, I love this girl with everything in me, and would do anything to keep her in my life.