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Hi there

We were at a pub on a saturday evening and my girlfriend went to chat with her friends that she saw there. After a while I saw a guy trying to make out with her. Long story short I was a bit P'd off!!!!!

When I took her back home she had a pannick attact. I thought that was normal cause it wasnt the first time she got one. Its normally caffeine induced. But then she started screaming frantically and repeatedly saying "ITS ON ME. SOMETHING IS ON ME". Sorry if its a bit open but I was just as freaked out. After that more freaky things started to happen. She broke her nails scratching underneath the car seat and all I could do was hold on to her safety belt fearing she would jump out of the car. She continued scratching her nails against the walls at her place and started laughing about everything like it was some kind of joke. It had an abrubt end to everything when her mother opened the door and my girlfriend just like that got back to normal and greeted her and went to her room.

This whole experience totaly freaked me out and I think one of her friends spiked her drink at the pub.

Please give me an explanation for this. I dont want to keep thinking my girlfriend is a total spycho.


If she acted totally normal when you guys were out and quickly was normal again when mom came to the door, i almost have to say she faked an episode.
If by chance someone spiked her drink, she would not have snapped out of it at the site of seeing her mom at the door.
Is she the type of girl that needs A LOT of attention. Some will do anything to get noticed.