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                Hello. Before anything else, I am a man; my girlfriend and I are not currently trying to conceive, use condoms from time to time (not every time) and have sex once or twice a month. The thing is that my girlfriend is irregular in the sense that there are months were she doesn’t get her period. It can happen anywhere from one to three times in a year. The thing is that her last menstruation happened in February in the week after valentines. By counting, if she was going to have her period on March, it would be towards the week of March 17. However, her period did not come, so we figured that month she wouldn’t have her period or she would be late because of stress.

                We had relations only once more, on March 27th. The thing is that she got the period pain and even told me she would be having her period in a few days around the 27th because when she does have her period she tends to have it synchronized with her best friend, and her friend had her period around the 27th. A few days back I asked her if she noticed any spotting or a little blood in her underwear, she wasn’t sure the color but when I asked her if it was brown or pink in color, she replied she thinks it was brown. Just last Saturday, April 6th, I bought her three urine pregnancy tests, and she took one on the same Saturday and we got a negative. Still, I am against the wall in terms of confidence; I have read a lot about false negatives, and how the brown blood can be implantation blood. She hasn’t experienced any other symptom, such as morning sickness, constant bathroom trips, nausea or anything. I’m waiting a few days to try again another urine test, and am considering a blood test in the future. We also don’t know if she could have any woman reproductive system condition since she hasn’t gone to a gynecologist.


You should have a talk with doctors about since you just got off of it.