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I have been keeping this to myself for more than a year but feel I should let it all out today..

My girlfriend's family have been against our relationship ever since they came to know that I was suffering from a medical condition. Basically it is a genetic condition which requires me to be on medication for life and they are concerned that it might be passed on to our off springs. What's worse is that they're afraid I will leave my girlfriend with financial and emotional difficulties should I require medical attention or even die young.

I understand their concerns and have tried to address them. I even met them and tried to explain, that circumstances wasn't as bad as they thought, on several occasions but to no avail. Indeed, the situation is not as bad as they think it is but I can't seem to convince them otherwise. I have since gave up trying as it appears they are dead set against us being together.

I really love her but I can't bear to let my parents know that her family is against us being together due to my medical condition. I am very afraid that they will be blame themselves for the current situation should they come to know of it. I want to be with my girlfriend but her family continue to be a obstacle. They do not like me and to be very frank, the feeling is mutual.

We are still seeing each other, behind their backs but wish to further our relationship. Both of us are doing well in our careers and thought it is about time to start a family. However, this does not seem to be possible with the roadblock. It is causing the both of us a lot of distress and putting a strain on our relationship. I am contemplating to put an end to this relationship as I really do not see the two of us together in the future, as much as I wish for it to happen. Perhaps it will be best for both of us and our families to be apart.

I am losing sleep over this matter and would really hope to hear some of your opinions. Would it be better for her if she was to find someone whom her family will love? Perhaps I am not good enough for them but I really really love her. I'm confused..


Hi there! I totally understand how complicated your situation is. I was in the same situation six years ago. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. At the time I was in love with my boyfriend he was all nice and supporting, but his family... Oh my God, how people can be cruel sometimes... His mother was acting nice in front of me, but in front of everybody else she was pitying me, she was concerned about her son's emotions, about my possible infertility etc. I was lucky :-D the guy was cheating on me all the time, so I dump him and his family :-D I had my thyroid gland completely removed and I've been through the radioactive iodine therapy twice. Now I feel great and I'm completely healed! I'm also on medication for life. Now I'm in stable relationship, he's a good man, I love and respect him, but there's always some "family problem"... The answer is simple, you can't make everyone happy! If you love her, if she loves you there is no problem. You two should do whatever you want to do no matter what her of your family says. It's your life. Good luck!