A week ago I had a gum graft surgery on my bottom front tooth. Prior to the sugary the doctor had explained that my gum recession was due to a lack on bone under my gum. Therefore! In order for the new synthetic gum matrix to adhere and grow with my on biological gum that he would need to do a bone graft. Well, that leads me to now where I set a week later after having a bone and gum graft. The morning of the surgery I had asked to be put to sleep because I was extremely freaked out! needless to say I experienced zero pain and the really only aggravating thing was how long it took for the mediation to wear off and gain feeling in my cheeks and chin. My problem was not blood because in fact I didn't bleed at all after the surgery. My problem is that there is this white fluffly skin around wht appears to be where the bone graft was placed. I have nee very committed to taking the antibiotics that my dentist prescribed and I have been very causious about eating on my tooth and chewing in the front of my mouth. I have been vey careful when I have been brushing my teeth and I have flooded evey tooth but the one operated on the two teeth surrounding the grafted tooth and area. I am afraid that the white fluffiness is infetion and I am going to potentially have to have the procedure done a second time. There is no bad or odd taste in my muth from the area nor is there an Oder coming from the area. The tooth is not p***y nor is there any discharge coming from the tooth. Also! I am scheduled to have my stitches removed tomorrow due to the office being close tomorrow and yesterday my stocked came a loose on their own. Even though the gum is attached it appears to be a little loose and I am freaking out? If there is anyone that has any suggestions or knowledge/ reassurance about my situation please let me know!