I had a gum graft on my No. 5 (with roof of mouth donor tissue) in early November.  The doctor was phenomenal - - there was no discomfort during the procedure, with local anesthesia.

After the check-up, the incision site just did not look right to me.  I sent photos, because I was concerned the way it was healing.  Due to muscle pulling up on the site, the doctor said was the reason it was not healing correctly (at that time, it appeared that the incision had ‘separated’, not binding together).  At this time, she cut the muscle, and revised the incision. 

After 2 weeks - I went in (on 01/02 a Friday) for my checkup - where she removed the putty-like bandage.  It seemed ok I guess, looked better (although I noticed the rough ledge of the tooth neck - I probably should have said something at that time, but didn’t).  During the weekend, it felt as though someone was cutting my gums (at the incision site), I thought this was the nerves healing and such … but it didn’t feel right for some reason.  After looking at in on Tuesday it looked as though (once AGAIN) that the incision has ‘separated’, and is not binding together.

Has anyone else had this issue?  Am I doing something wrong??  I have treated this area very gingerly - not brushing, cleansing the teeth gently in that space with a QTip, swishing with Listerine. 

Am I maybe dehydrated … should she be using regular and NOT non-dissolving to allow a longer healing time … I’m baffled at this point.   

Although she honored the 2nd procedure/revision - fear if I have to have for yet a 3rd - will this cost me another $1200?? 

Any help or ideas what could be going on, is greatly appreciated!!  Thanks