Hello I am wondering if any periodontists are On here that may answer this question. I have a (bottom) lower left side canine tooth that will eventually need gum graft surgery due to aggressive brushing. This incident occurred while still in braces. It was filled once again (so twice now) due to decay. I have been in clear regular retainers since April 2016. May I get the gum graft done now rather than later and be able to place retainers back in that same night, or would they be out for a few days to a week? I need someone with knowledge to answer this question. Also how are stitches now, are they the dissolving kind?. IT is one tooth and the dentist is now watching the gum line. I am 29 years old female and have several psychiatric/ learning disabilities/ disorders so this situation is Even more difficult for me. HAVE you dealt with people in my situation before(wearing clear retainers)?Please HELP the degree of recession isn't terrible(I don't think/feel) but there is pain during eating certain crunchy foods. Please no judgements.. Any one here with extensive Knowledge. Thank U I am desperate for an expert.