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Starting in July of this year my gums started to rapidly recede. I have never had tooth problems before in my life. I've never had a single cavity and I am 22 years old. My gums are great and pink and yes they do bleed a little sometimes from brushing but it's been like that all my life. All of a sudden in July, my gums started to recede so quickly that I would see the difference day by day. Slowly almost all my teeth (except my front top four and top bottom four) have receded exposing roots. Some of them are REALLY bad and honestly scary.

Along with this has come other stuff. Now when I eat or if I just push on some of my teeth with my tongue, I can feel them click back and forth. It is a HAUNTING feeling because it makes me feel like my teeth are gonna fall out. I can feel the clicking but it's not visible movement of hte teeth.

Also when I eat on my right side, I can hear clicks and stuff in my jaw which is also super scary. Like these loud sounds in my jaw. The clicking and this jaw noise is scary but I did x rays with the dentist and they confirmed no bone loss.



I go to the periodontist that my dentist recommended. They recommend gum grafts for a lot of my teeth, I think: GREAT, a little expensive, but GREAT I CAN get this all FIXED! I get the surgery done only on my right side because doctor said doing both sides would be too much. 

I get home a little woozy basically in 4 four days I'm recovered pretty well but still not eating rough foods or anything. Fast forward, 10 days after surgery, ITS HAPPENING AGAIN. My gums start receding again. and day by day I watch them go back up


I go back to perio and he says not to worry because no my gumline is thick, which i agree it was thin before and now it is thick, and that now we can just pull down the gum but we have to wait for gum to fully heal.


Fast forward to December, I do the surgery, he pulls down the gum and what do you know my teeth look great again! Fast forward only 7 days this time and boom they all have RECEDED ONCE AGAIN. It's safe to say I am feeling hopeless. My perio says we can fix it and try again and all this but honestly it's tough for me to trust him anymore. 

What do you guys think is the problem? Or is there something he is not addressing? Or do I really just need to try again ?


TLDR: Almost all gum receded in 4 month period. I have nice pink gums. Brush and floss multiple times a day. Went to Periodontist, got gum grafts in same area TWICE, and both times it didn't work. Feeling hopeless.


I'd also like to add that I got a gum graft using cadaver tissue, I forget the name of it but it's basically other people's gums but cleans and made for patient use, rather than using my own gum from the roof on my mouth.


did you ever find the cause? I feel like the same thing is happening to me right now. In my 40s, and over the last month, massive recession.