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I had a gum graft on the *inside* front tooth. Periodontist from the begin said this was going to be a tough one to graft. This tooth is also out of place, and not aligned with the rest of the teeth.

I was very much nervous/panic'ing before the surgery. Both during and after surgery (this is 1st day after surgery today), I still do not feel any pain. I also do not have bleeding either.

That kind of worries me. I don't want to be atypical, I mean the literature and everyone says there would be some pain and even recommend Motrin/Tylenol. I am just worried that I am not needing to use those.

Even the roof of the mouth is not painful.

How abnormal is this? Has anyone else had this?


If you're experiencing no pain whatsoever, I'd say you should be VERY relieved. But then again, the pain you get isn't so bad either.

I had one gum graft last summer (though it wasn't that severe) and it went by without incident; no pain, no discomfort, just the annoyance of having "krazy glue" (aka that medicinal superglue used to seal up a wound as a makeshift scab) plastered in your mouth over the cuts. It actually wasn't so bad.

Just a few hours ago, I came back from my second round of surgery; this time I had a graft on both canines on my lower jaw. Seeing as these were probably a more severe situation, and that it's on both sides, needing much anesthetics, my jaw is now experiencing this dull, throbbing ache similar to what you'd get with braces-- thankfully, it doesn't hurt the teeth to bite. It's bearable though, and only hurts if I move the lips in that area.

I'd say the amount of pain you experience depends on the severity of the situation or the experience of your doctor; in this case there's no real degree that you can say your case is abnormal. If anything, I'd say you're more lucky than anything else. Take care on your recovery!