Hey everyone! I have a question for a dentist or oral surgeon about my recovery time from a gum graft surgery that I had 2 weeks ago. The surgery was really comprehensive: they pretty much did my entire mouth (I have stitches in 6 different places) using Strattice, which is a synthetic material kind of like Alloderm. The whole procedure took two hours and they told me to eat only room-temperature liquid/soft foods and to avoid exercise and alcohol for at least a week. So I did, and then I went back a week ago, and they told me to keep doing the above for another 2 weeks until my next follow-up appointment. (That will theoretically make a total of 3 weeks of recovery time.)

The thing is that my stitches, which are supposed to be dissolvable, are still there after 2 weeks, but otherwise I feel completely fine. It has been a much longer recovery process than I expected, and I'm surprised that the stitches are still there, but here's my question for a dentist: is it okay for me to go back to eating more solid foods and back to exercising now, 2 weeks after the surgery? It's just that I think I'm going to go crazy if I have to eat only room-temperature soft foods and avoid exercise for one more day, especially because I feel normal.