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Hello everyone,

I had gum grafts done a little over 2 months ago on the top and bottom of the left side. In December, I had started experiencing some sensitivity related discomfort on the bottom teeth, and it was fixed with some sort of varnish on the problematic areas. That's when I was advised that I needed to get the grafts done, which I obliged to.

Early June, I had the operation done, everything went well and the dentist says it healed great. Once I started eating back normally, I noticed that my teeth were now a lot more sensitive to cold then before. The dentist said it would eventually go back to normal. We're now over 2 months later and the sensitivity shows no sign of going away, so it seems the procedure have caused more problems than it solved.

Is it a lost cause, or should I still give it time?


Did it ever go away?  I'm experiencing the exact same thing. Had the graft done two months ago, and now lots of sensitivity to cold / heat, etc.