I had a gum grafting procedure done yesterday on two upper teeth…on one the bone was actually exposed due to a cyst in my gums many years ago…I read all the negative reviews and braced for the worst….if you are having this done DO NOT READ all the NEGATIVE reviews! After a lot of shots with novacaine I had the procedure done. Two teeth removed, gum tissue taken from palate and grafted on two front upper teeth…and a texture of silly putty put over areas where done that serves as a band-aid. I am for the most part pain-free and it is nothing like some of these people are saying. I am staying with soft foods for now and I actually brushed my teeth and brushed over the “silly putty”. I am hoping it continues this way. I worried about this for a whole year and I should not have! The worst part was the shots in the beginning. I took my ipod and listened to music throughout the whole procedure and it relaxed me. I am on antibiotics for a while…don’t need the pain pills. Good luck….I for one am certainly glad I did it…I can’t wait to see the finished product!