So i got my tonsils and adenoids taken out on april 3. The first two days were sort of bad and it was hard to eat but i managed to eat mashed potatoes macaroni icecream iced coffee etc. I usually rinse my mouth with coconut oil and take cod liver oil vitamins for my nutrition. Day 3 i was rinsing with saltwater after flossing and i lightly coughed up maybe 6 pieces of small white scabs? There was no bleeding but from then on water started burning my mouth. This morning i woke up at 4:30am (day 4) in a coughing fit. I didnt cough up anything but my throat was dry so i took my pain meds and went back to sleeo until 8:30. At this time i was awake and was sipping on warm water which seems to soothe my throat better- and something got caught in my throat. It was sort of big and felt like a scab. I kept swallowing water and it went down, but there is still no bleeding at all. Is it normal to heal this fast? Should i be worried? I havent been eating many hard foods. If i do they dont hurt. So i dont know?