I am currently on day 14 and wanted to give my advice as well as see what others have experienced. Thanks for your comments!
Acvtivia Yogurt & regular Yogurt - Antibiotics can cause thrush on your tongue and constipation, eat 2 during the week to prevent both. Switch to regular yogurt if you want more (activia will cause diarrhea if you eat too much)
2 ice packs (put in stocking or sleeve and tie around neck so they hang at throat)
Percocet (the liquid pain killers will most likely cause extreme nausea on empty stomach)
Minute Maid Ice Pops
Cup of Noodle Soup
Ramon Noodles
Oreida Steam Fresh Mashed Potatoes
Fat Slurpee Straws
Colgate Spin Toothbrush

Day 1-4 I ate soft foods because of the pain, kept an ice pack to my throat 24/7 and ate LOTS of Minute Maid Ice Pops. Water was not a problem to drink as long as it was filled with ice. I stopped taking liquid pain killers during that time because they made me vomit even if I drank 3 cups of broth and had a full stomach. The pain is so intense and unique you want to cry so bad but can’t because that will hurt too. My crying spells came off and on throughout the first 4 days then came back on day 8-10. I’d take a 500 mg Tylenol with soup ever hour and a half, it didn’t make my stomach upset and took away a good amount of discomfort. A half a Dramamine before bed and you’ll be able to sleep a few hours while curving your upset stomach. AVOID MILK PRODUCTS! I don't know why they recommend such a thing but you will spend the next 4 hours hacking and clearing your throat, it will totally turn off members of the house and drive you crazy. I felt like I was going to choke on the thick mucus.
A spin brush is awesome! Since you can only open your mouth an inch or so, you can still brush your teeth and wipe your tongue. Makes all the difference after the variety of liquid medication they feed you.
By day 5 I was eating buttered toast, pierogies, fish sticks, other semi-hard foods cut extremely small and drank ice cold water or freeze pops on a regular basis. I read a few places that it helps loosen the scabs on the back of your throat if you eat foods with more texture – plus I hate pudding, yogurt, and jell-o. After eating and Tylenol the pain seemed to lower for a good 2 hours but would again return to a constant sharp and piercing sensation when I swallowed feeling like a toothpick was jammed sideways. Day 8 I woke with excruciating pain, felt like glass in the back of my throat and sharp stabbing pains up my neck into my ears. I’d compare it to when you’re out in the cold and your ears are so cold they hurt deep down inside X 20. The dr. called in Percocet 7 mg tablets. Those took away 80% of my pain but when I missed a dose – HOLY c**p! I read that is your nerves coming back in your neck. After about 48 hours for each ear it disappeared.
Day 10 I started eating almost all normal food with the exception of spicy, acidic, or extremely hard (spaghetti, pizza, Chinese, hoagies, etc). Steamed vegetables, baked chicken, split pea & ham soup, chicken pot pie, and hot pockets are some foods that went down well. The pain was more like a rough scratchy sore throat and I still had full scabs. Since I spent the first few days drinking liquids and could only eat about ½ cup of food per sitting I lost a total of 13 lbs.
Now, I’m on Day 14. I’m still eating most foods and avoiding the harsh ones listed above; pain is still a moderate sore throat (Tylenol works just fine for pain). The scabs have softened and are strictly in the pocket area no longer on the roof. What I’m confused/irritated about is the fact that I wake up in the morning and I can see most of the scab is off and the pink skin behind but, by 10-11 am the scabs have reformed thick in the pocket. If I use a Q-tip I can wipe them away easily with no pain but they still return. I see the doctor tomorrow so hopefully everything looks good. Has anyone experienced this or know what kind of timeline I’m looking at for them to be gone?