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i noticed on alot of the forums people talking about having to eat ice cream and stuff, i went to the Royal Ear Nose and Throat Hospital in London and everyone has said to me that you must eat normal food, this helps the throat to heal quicker. My throat is pretty much healed after a week! What does everyone else think?


i jsu thad my tonsils out, about 4 days ago....and i had a hamburger for dinner last night. mind you, that was the first day i was hugry enough to not care if it hurt, i was detrmined to eat soething. and i felt so much better after i did. id been living off of sorbet and puddig and jello, now, i love sweets as much as the next person, but if someone ever offers me an ice cram cone, or something equally sugary i think ill have to choke them. other than that, the pain is not too bad. although i keep hearing tat it will get worse...i think if you eat as many solids as possible, youll heal faster, and your pain tollerance will go up. they gave me liquid tylenol with codein and i was fine for the first two days, but com saturday i was throwing up anything that went in my mouth including water. so i had to go to the E.R for an iv because i was so dehydrated. turns out im allergic to narcotics, so im now battling the pain with plain tylenol.....and its still not that bad. try eating things that arent crispy.....but are still better than ice cream and popsickles. for example:

hot dogs ( gross i know, but once you live off ice cream for four days, itll sound amazing,
burgers, soft breads NOT TOASTED, mashed potatoes, oatmeal, grits, eggs that are either boiled or scrambled, mac and cheese, spaghetti, althoguht with the spaghetti, you need to go very light on the sauce, becaus eits so acidic its going to burn like crazy if you dont, you should google some foods for post surgery, i found a bunch i didnt even think id be eating for a few weeks....god luck, and rememeber, it could have been worse.


My son is having his tonsils out on monday the 30th. I'm getting a little anxious about it. My folks even sent me money to make sure he had plenty of ice cream for afterward. From everything I've read so far, it seems that he won't get to have that ice cream for a little while. I liked all the posts.



My son is 3 almost 4 and just had his tonsils & adenoids removed on Thursday April 24th. After the surgery he was stressed out in recovery. ut after he go home he was relaxed enough to drink a little. Poor little fella. After he slept for 4 hours I tried to get fliuds down him. He drank a little. So I got out yogart pudding, ice cream, sorbet, you name it. After a couple of small bites of each he pushed it away and said he wanted real food. So I fixed mashed potatoes and well cooked (SOFT) maccroni and cheese. He ate hat well and loved it. Now it has been 3 days after surgery and he still will not eat ice cream or anything real cold. He prefers room temp or a lke warm foods. The only thing cold he will drink is the little dan active drinks or choc. milk. I hope this helps you! Prior to his surgery I stocked up onn ice cream sorbet and frozen fruit treats and he wont have anything to do with them, so if I were you I would get a least small container or box of the stuff you would think they may eat, that way you have all your options there and ready. OH I forgot really soft bread is good and gummy fruit snacks!!


Im 19 years old. I had my tonsils taken out last week wednesday which would have been seven days ago today. the firs three days after the surgery oh my god it hurt so bad i was crying only bad thing was... it hurt to cry.. so i had to suck it up. I took the pain killers that were given to me which were completely horrible but anything to take the edege off. unfortunately it hurt to bad to drink and eat. so i found jello, jello is a god send. it helped me stay some what satisfied when all i really want to eat is a cheese burger or some kind of pizza. well saturday rolled around and i felt well enough to venture out of the house. i was able to drink a lot better that day since i forced myself after being threatened to be taken to the ER to get an IV if i didnt keep drinking lol, and i ate my first bit of real food which was mac and cheese another god send. so for the past three days that has been my diet mac and cheese and some form of liquid whether gatorade or water or a somewhat slushy otter pop.
so my suggestions for foods to keep on hand with you after surgery would have to be
jello(preferably red)
mac and cheese
and orange otter pops


Got my tonsils out yesterday 30th November 2009, as a 46 year old adult male living with problems with my tonsils since childhood, it reached the stage where they had to be removed. Two hours after coming out of surgery, I was given soup and a crusty roll to eat, I had to eat this prior to being considered for home release, after I got home, I had a little dinner, fish and rice, have been drinking plenty of fluids, and have been advised to eat toast in the morning as it helps clear the build up of mucus around the wound area. Sadly on my discharge information sheet, it does not mention anything about Ice Cream & Jelly, just normal foods. Apparently the eating of normal dietary foods aids speedy recovery, though I have to concede that it can be uncomfortable. The most difficult thing that I am finding at the moment is sleeping, I awake after about an hour or so with a very sore throat and pain management does not appear to help during this time, let’s hope that this is short lived. I have also been informed that in adult patients towards the end of the first week, it can become harder to swallow for a day or two due to the healing process causing scabbing on the wound area. According to my consultant the scabbing is less apparent in childhood due to the more elasticity of the tissue.


Hi I am a young teen and I just got my tonsils & adnoids taken out this morning, and i feel terrible!!! :'( Right now i'm eating room temp. mashed potatoes and drinking some fluids, but i've been reading these posts & the thought of eating hard normal foods so early in the recovery is making me cringe. cheeseburger? Crusty roll? WoW. that thought is scaring me. i dont know, it might be a good idea to eat those but not until its been at least a week. To make matters worse, sometime during the operation, my anestiologist ( hopefully accidentaly) sliced the right side of my tongue, therefore it was numb when i woke up in immediate recovery, and now i cant eat on that side because it stings so bad. The nurse only thought it was numb from medicine, but she never actually looked @ it and i do have a cut, so that's kinda bad observation on her part. I don't know if this happens to everyone or not, but if it does then i know ur pain!!
Now i'm eating choco pudding because the potatoes were'nt that filling. My nurses told me not to eat anything " crispy", for example potato chips, pizza, or anything that goes crunch is a no-no. i read somewhere on the web that very cold fluids ( besides carbonated beverages), popsicles, frozen fruit pops, and sorbet are great for pain & swelling, and some good soft foods are Mashed potatoes, pasta, cottage cheese (after the first 24 hours), and soup. try to stay away from tomato based soups or pasta sauces for they are acidic abd can burn . Things NOT to eat are spicy and acidic foods, hot foods, or hard foods that involve a lot of chewing. Dairy products can cause heavy mucus build up ( you may get this same warning if u have a cold or sinus problem) and are not good to eat a lot of during recovery becauseit makes swallowing a strenuous ordeal. Woo hoo go me, using big words. LOL. But anyways, i hope i have enlightened you in some things that have come straight from the horse's mouth. So don't worry i'm having to go through this too ya know, so don't be freaked out to ask you doctor or nurse if you need further instruction! Buh-bye & thanks for ur time.


I actually ate some peanut butter. Helps beat the hunger cravings. This is on day three. Everyone says cold but I felt better after eating a bowl of oatmeal. Granted I allowed the oatmeal to cool a little.


I got my tonsils out four days ago and I have been eating pasta (mostly spaghetti) with salmon through it and a bit of cheese... porridge.. scrambled eggs... cup a soups! Buying a few frozen dinners (hot pots etc) are also a great idea. I managed to chop up some bread and pop it in my soup to soak and ate that. Eating proper food helps clear away the phlegm and scabs.

I feel pretty good - eating properly keeps nausea at bay...but I keep up with the ice cubes (sucking on them constantly or drinking water) and pain meds EVERY four hours no matter what!


I'm a 24 year old female and had a tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy/septoplasty on 6/7/10. Let me tell you i would definitely do the septoplasty again in a heart beat as it made my breathing better almost immediately. as for the tonsils and adenoids thats another story. i went 5 days without eating anything but a tiny bit of jello, a piece of bread soaked in gravy and a packet of oatmeal. all of these things pretty much killed me to get down. the pain is insane! i finally started getting better at about day 7 and went to my doc for a check up to find i have oral thrush on top of it so guess what that means...yep...more meds!

this is how my experience went:

day1 (operation day)-came out of surgery doped up and in a lot of pain. the nurses kept giving me pain meds and asking my pain level until my level came down to about a 4 and i went to sleep for a little before they brought me down to see my family.
later that night they had me drink a little water and relax and kept up on my pain meds which was a mix of lortab (vicodin and tylenol cocktail) and morphine when i was having really bad pain.

day 2-morning had some more water and a bite or 2 of jello and then was released. went to my ent to get the nasal splints removed. this was really uncomfortable but not really painful. went home and took pain meds religiously and drank what water i could get down.

day 3-the worst day for me. i continued to take my pain meds religiously and began feeling intense pain in my ears. they say that this is radiating from the pain in your throat. i used ice packs and left them on my ears and neck as long as i could becasue this was about the only thing that would help with the pain at all. that night i fell asleep for about 2 hours and woke up in excruciating pain trying to swollow and couldnt do anything but cry. At one point i almost choked on the mucus in my mouth...that's definitely a problem with this and it was sooo bad for me.

day 4-pretty much the same thing as day 3 same excruciating pain, no food, and religiously using ice packs and pain meds.

day 5- the only thing different today was that i could get down a piece of bread absolutely soaked in gravy....but it took forever and hurt like a b***h.

day 6-a tiny bit better on the pain and was able to get down some oatmeal and a scrambled egg with a lot of water and some force.

day 7-feeling a little better today. dont starting to take less and less pain meds and going for my check up. yes, doc says i have thrush from the antibiotics so i need to go to stop taking them and get some nystatin. let me tell you it is nasty but it doesn't feel bad going down.

day 8-finally got some sleep, woke up with a dry throat and pain so took only one tsp of lortab. had some jello and pudding...didnt really have much of an appetitie

day 9-feeling even better yet. able to eat a mac snack wrap from mcdonals. again it took awhile but totally worth it. the only time i took pain meds today was before i ate.

day 10-had 2 eggs for lunch and a few pierogies for dinner. please keep in mind that i cut these things into tiny pieces and make sure to chew them completely.

day 11-feeling even better yet. i think i slept like 7 hours last night and i didnt wake up with anything other than a scratchy sore throat. today i had a mashed potato bowl from kfc but couldnt really eat the chicken. im starting to think the worst of it is finally over and im looking forward to being able to eat a complete meal!

a few things that i think you should know:

-yes you can have cough drops and chloreseptic but they prefer that you don't eat anything red because you might spit up some mucus and mistake it for blood.
-try to stay away from dairy products because they produce mucus and it makes it really hard to me it's not worth it
-use an ice pack as soon as you start feeling pain in your ears, its the only thing that helps!
-take your pain meds on time. i can't stress that enough. you don't wanna feel what it's like to be late on a dose, the pain is bad enough with the meds you dont wanna feel what its like without.
-drink as much water as you can tolerate. you do not wanna be dehydrated.
-sleep with your head elevated

I will tell you this is no walk in the park. it is absolutely excruciating and yes there will be people that say that you are overreacting and that when they went through it (when they were 5) it was nothing and they were back to the daily grind in a few days. just do what you can handle and nothing more!

if anyone has any questions feel free to email me!

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I'm 46 and due to have my tonsils out on the 15th of Sept. I'm not looking forward to it. The doctor tried to talk me out of the surgery because I'm old and it's really going to hurt and then he looked at my tonsils. Out they come! I asked the doctor why it is so painful for adults and not children. He told me that a childs nerves are not developed yet in there throat and an adults are. Plus everything is bigger in an adult. Good luck to you all and a speedy recovery :-) Thank you for all the advice about what to eat. It really helped.


23 just had my tonsil out on 15september. the pain i felt the next mornign was minimal but it was false, i have been in herendous pain ever since, with pain also in the ears.
day 7 today and i can finally cope witht he pain not needing painkillers. i am still unable to eat solid foods. my local dr said it sue to my excessive swellign in throat that is causin the food to not want to go do. altho i am trying, puree-ing foodlike vegie chicken4 pasta salad. i stonlgy agre with not eating iccreas and milkshakes to much mucas forms afterwards.
ice block and cold pack onthe neck helpes and i was told to take 2 weeks of work. good luck to anyone else out there that will have to go theough the same pain,its hard for people to understand the pain and frustration you will go through as an adult if thay haven been through it them selves


I'm an 18 year old female
Had surgery the 18th of November (10 days into recover, not counting the day of the surgery).
Eating has been a major pain! For the past 10 days I've been living off of jello, pudding, boost
protein drinks (the mix--only 3 tsp with milk), tons of medication (hydrocodone, and tylenol extra
strength for adults which helps a lot), and what in spanish is called atole de maizena.

Unfortunately, I cannot eat scrambled eggs, soft meats or fish, mac and cheese, or EVEN
mashed potatoes. mashed potatoes are terribly painful for me to swallow, they irritate my wounds

Day 1: After I was taken out of where I had surgery, I immediately arose! As if the anesthesia was
not enough and felt very nauseous. The nurse put some sort of ointment of my arm which caused
me to vomit blood (a surprise to me).
Had to go to the ER that night, I was dehydrated and it hurt too much to swallow.
Alongside the tonsillectomy I also had my septum corrected (I had tubes in my nose the first day)
which caused my eyes to bleed and anything I'd swallow would come right back out.
I was still a little numb from the anesthesia.

Day 2-4: Most pain. The pain was insanely terrible! I couldn't sleep. All I did was cry and scream my
lungs out, moaning in pain. The meds were not enough. I look insane rocking my body back and forth
in pain with my hands to my ears, IN PAIN! Ice packs weren't very helpful either. Continued to forcefully
eat the same foods, above mentioned.

Day 5-7: Irrate from the pain and frustration, still eating some of the same foods. The scabs aren't even
visible due to the mucus in the back of my throat. Overall, the mucus didn't present itself as a problem to me;
it only caused a funny taste that was tolerable.

Day 8: My ent mentioned day 10 would be the day with the least pain, day 8-9 being the peak of pain.
Had horrendous pain and was very depressed because I didn't get to eat turkey or mashed potatoes for
Thanksgiving day!

Day 9: Pain is noticeably less. I had a Hershey's pie from Burger King and Mocha Latte from Jack in the Box.
The cold helped tons and plus the addition of calories made me a little jolly and felt much better.

Day 10: Today I'm feeling much better and finally see some of the scabs. The mucus is becoming less.
I got to eat a tiny bit of meat this morning but it left my throat a bit irritated and sore which is not recommended
even at day 10, I'd say.

I'm still drinking plenty of fluids and resting plenty. I marry in 5 days and hope to be much better by the date to
be able to eat well and be at peace with my poor throat.

Good luck to anyone getting this done.


•Mac n cheese
•jello (though you tend to get sick of it quick)
•soup (Luke warm)
•ice-cream (but if you already have mucous I DO NOT suggest this)
•scrambled eggs (though I found they left a bad aftertaste)
Hope this helps!


I am an 18 year old female, I have had many sore throats throught the years. Just recently around New Years, I got a REALLY bad one. The pain was UNBEARABLE. I went to the doctors twice, urgent care, and finally the hospital where I found out I had an abscess in my throat. I was given antibiotics and narcotics and sent home the next day feeling wonderful. BUT THEN IT CAME BACK!! So I went to the ENT and schedule a tonsillectomy for today at 1 pm. Everything went well, I was out by 2:30. I have not been in any pain at all, just a little scratchy. I have had jello, really soft cookies, valentines day chocolate, mac and cheese, ice cream, and TONS of water (at least 2 gallons lol). But I feel great. The nurse said thats how most abscess patients are because an abscess hurts 100x worse! Trust me it was terrible. But I would suggest drinking water non-stop, setting an alarm to wake you up from naps to drink (every hour at least), and eating/talking when ever you can because it will speed up your recovery and help the pain because you are using the muscles. But dont listen to me if you really dont feel up to it, your doctor knows best!!