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hi everyone, i got my tonsil's removed on Aug. 13 because i get strep many times a year. Today is Aug. 20 and i feel a little better.

Some side effects are:
-throwing up
-feeling weak

Also, you want to sleep during the day and have a good nite rest when you are recovering. Also, it hurts to eat hard foods so stay on jell-o, pudding, applesause, and maybe on the 5th or 6th day, try some oatmeal. Don't eat/drink dairy products for the first 5 days. Stay hydrated while drinking water, gatorade, and vitamin water. Try not to have any soda or citrusy drinks for at least 7 days. Also, stay rested and don't do any big activities like running,swimming,or any type of excersise. Try staying on reading, telavision, computer, and sleeping. Your scabes mite start to come off the 4th-9th after surgery;the more hydrated and moist your mouth is, the longer your scabs are gonna stay on.

i hope this helped you and please leave comments. :)


Hey all...
I had my tonsils out less than 24 hrs ago... i feel ok just a sore throat, but i've got pain meds and soup so it's not that bad.
I was scared to death yesterday to have them out, but it seems like they put me to sleep and i woke back up with a sore throat. They gave me morphine and an ice pack and water...i was in recovery for a few hours so they could monitor me ... then they gave me a lortab and sent me home...
i was able to eat ice cream, chicken noodle soup and macaroni and cheese yesterday; I just woke up this morning so i haven't eaten yet, but i feel's really not as bad as you think. Maybe it's bad on some people because they have previous health problems? i dont know, but i'm very healthy and seem to be gettin along fine...


I had my tonsils and adenoids out on October 23rd, 2008.

The first three days werent exactly hell but i wasnt pleased. The tylenol with codeine helped loads though. I would drift off to sleep or otherwise watch tv.

On the third night i ate chicken wings, taking little bits and chewing them up very good. It was delicious. I had some mac and cheese as well. Mashed potatoes are very useful and chicken soup was my food source for the first two days.

Ice cream made my throat feel disgusting and made it hard to swallow. Sherbert is a good substitute. Also popsicle are a very good choice.

Today being day 5 i went to the store and bought some pasta meals and some spaghettios, which i am looking forward to.

The pain hasnt been that abd except for in the middle of the night and in the immediate morning but if i lay still and think of something else it goes away almost immediately, i just cant make sudden movements or tilt my head to one side or that ear will begin to hurt.

Hope this helps.