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I am trying to decide if this is something that I want to do and would like some feed back from a few over 40. I will be 40 at the time I have this done, if I choose to go thru with it. I have problems with what they call tonsil stones, which are extremely nasty and embarrassing to say the least. I do have occassional laryngitis and a sore throat. If anyone else has had a tonsillectomy due to these similar conditions I would like to hear from you to know if you would do this again or if you would have just dealt with the problems.


I strongly recommend you take the advice of your doctor. Having said that, I have never heard from anyone that has regretted having the operation. Yes, its painful and the recovery is stressful, but its always worth it in the long term and its permanent. There is plenty of great advice on this forum to help you deal with the recovery. Although tonsillectomy is not usually recommended for tonsil stones, if you doctor recommends it, I would'nt hesitate.


I'm 28 and have had tonsil stones for as long as I can remember and I get throat infections often. I just had my tonsils and adenoids removed this morning. Yes, your throat us sore and your uvula swells and makes it hard to stay asleep because it blocks your air way and forces you awake. This is only my first day and I hear it gets worse ad the healing process goes on for the next 2 weeks but I would do it again knowing I will never have another tonsil stone and the throat infections will decrease dramaticly!


In November 2009, I had strep throat. I was given antibiotics. Normally, I would receive a script of presidnose (steroids) and antibiotics. This would kill the swelling. Life would be a joy again. My doctor said No. I went back for follow up visit. My tonsils were still swollen. I was referred to an ENT. The ENT dr said They need to come out. They were swollen @ operation.

I had my tonsils taken out 1/19/10. I'll be 40 in the new yr. I had read tons of blogs about tonsil recovery in adults.

Your own healing will depends on you.

The pain is so horrible. Take your meds on a rigid schedule. If you feel, the meds are not serving its purpose. Go back to your doctor and demand better pain management.

Buy Popsicles, Buy fruit ice or sherbet. No dairy. You dont want to create mucous. Trust me I was coughing up some ugly mucous.

This is day 6 for me. I have severe referred pain. My brain cant recognize my tonsils are gone. So it sends sharp pain to my ears. I can not handle movement or wind in my ears, well. So I am using Sweet oil or Castor oil nuked on a cotton ball to soothe my ears. let it cool for a second. I placed the sweet oil cotton balls in both ears.

I have low grade fevers. Drink as much water or gatorade as possible this will cancel out the fevers and keep you hydrated. You can not travel for 14 days. Why? your tonsils will bleed excessively. You dont want that. No, Motrin or IB.. No alcohol or illegal drugs it will cause excessive bleeding too.

Get rest before the surgery. The 1st day will be roller coaster. You need someone to wake you up every hr to drink and follow pain medication.

Your must have items in the house list.
juices..... no orange or acidic juices.
ginger ale, I drink mine flat
Sweet oil or Castro oil.
my friend had the same surgery @ 45. She says frozen grapes. Umm I could not swallow till the 5th day.
reading material
Pillows you can not sleep flat.
Your doctor/pharmacy numbers on speed dial. I did not hesitate to call them.
Cream of wheat
protein drinks

One of my pain meds causes constipation. So I take cod liver oil pills.

Discuss pain medication management before the surgery. my friend lives up north and works for a hospital. They gave her liquid lidocaine gel to numb the pain. my dr did not want to do this in my situation.

Research methods of tonsil surgery such as laser , cauterization etc. Will the dr take your adenoids,uvula or sinuses ?

I'm still researching recovery methods.

Good luck!


I had my tonsils out on 1/15/10 for tonsil stones. It was the worst pain ever for me. I have had several surgeries and none compare to the post op pain. It is not a matter of pain tolerance, some people just fair better than others. I was given lortab elixer which only lasted about two hours and left me in horrible pain so I called the doctor and was given percocet which I crushed. It did work better but I still had break through pain and started taking 800mg of IB which my doc approved. I would alternate half doses every two hours or so that way I was never without pain medication. You will get constipated so you may want something for that but at the time that was the least of my worries. I had lots of ice chips and water first 5 days then I started with warm liquids because the cold would cause pain. I also started using a warm mist humidifier at day five instead of cool mist which helped. I would stay away from straws. Sleep elevated and set your alarm for your medication. Days 3-8 were the worst and I started to feel like it would never end but finally on day 10 the pain just lessend all of a sudden and I did not have to take any more medication. My scabs started falling off on day 5 and that is when the pain increased also had bleeding when it happened. The blood was just squirting out of my mouth in spurts. I rinsed with ice water and it stopped after a couple of mins. It was scary but turned out to be ok. I also got choked on the scabs and had no choice but to clear my throat, I immediately couged it up and thankfully no bleeding. I was also give zofram for nausea, I only needed it when the scabs started coming off and the first day of surgery. Best advise I can give is lots of water and applesauce helped the most. I ate chicken noodle soup and cream of wheat which helped with nausea. Just stay in bed and rest the first week. Good luck!


I'm a 24 year old male and had my tonsils taken out a few months ago. Since I received a lot of advice/strength from reading these blogs, hopefully I can help someone else. Before my surgery, I was pretty worried. Most of what I read online consisted of horror stories about how terrible the pain is. Here is how my surgery & post-op went:

I had my surgery early in the morning. The anesthesia is nauseating and I threw up as I was being taken home. I threw up a couple more times that day, but since you don't eat for 8-12 hours before your surgery its just blood and water and it doesn't really hurt. The throwing up actually cleansed by tonsils. The second day, I actually felt good and ate semi-hard foods--which was kind of a mistake. Since you still have so many pain medications in your system and the scabs haven't formed yet, you feel much better than you really are. Be disciplined and stick with soft foods for the first few days. Days 3-6 were probably the worst--but not as bad as I expected. Its a little hard to talk and its frustrating because you can't eat what you want to. I drank a ton of water and experimented with semi-hard foods. I would not recommend trying to eat chips or crackers for a couple weeks.

If food hurts to eat, then don't eat it. I would recommend being a little active during your post recovery time as that causes you to forget about your pain and get your blood flow moving. After the first 6-8 will start to feel better every day. I don't think I felt 100% until after 3-4 weeks. After my prescription pain medicine was up, I took Advil for a while. Days 8-21 weren't too bad...its just harder to talk for a little while and I couldn't really go out. Listen to your body and try to push yourself a little more every day, but try not to do anything extreme. Again, my experience with a tonsillectomy wasn't as bad as what I saw on these posts. Remain positive and patient during post-op will gradually improve. Good luck!


I am 37/F and 3 days post Op. I believe after reading millions of posts about recovery that everyone, not surprisingly, reacts differently and will experience the process in different ways. For example, many people mention feeling nauseous from the anesthesia and/or the pain-meds, whereas I haven't had this at all. Despite a double dose or morhine in the hospital, and an on-going regimin of Roxicet (liquid Percocet) which I actually doubled up the dose of, I have not felt or been sick (vomiting) once, so I fel very fortunate for that...I can't imagine throwing up acidic stomach juices past my raw throat!

There is no way around it - the pain is horrible. Despite being on what is considered to be the strongest RX pain-killer (percocet) outside of a hospital, I was still in considerable really only took the "bite" out of the pain, rather than get rid of it all together. If I'd had the option to take home an OR nurse with an IV and a bag of morhine, I would have jumped at the chance!! I was initially on 5mg. but I requested to double my dose, essentailly upping it to 10mg. and that helped...however, I then felt extremely sleepy, light-headed and woosey. Worth it though to knock out a lot of the pain!!

Here is what I would suggest as comfort measures. These have really helped me a lot! On the way home from the hospital we picked up 4 large icey drinks - and a large bag of chewable ice. This is small little pips of ice that are easy to chew on and swollow. They are perfect for this type of recovery!! I began drinking immediately. It hurts like mad to swollow, but I forced the water down. I also got myself 2 sodas as a treat...might not work for everyone, but for me it was wonderful. Then I used the cups and filled up with the ice and chewed on that ALL DAY LONG. Not only does this keep you hydrated, which speeds up recovery, but it helps with the jaw to reduce pain and swelling, plus the cold is just lovley to help ease the pain.

I also used the ice band the hospital gave me, but you can buy these if you aren't given one. YOu fill it with ice and place it like a scarf on the neck. Very soothing.

I stuck to a strict pain-meds scheducle, even seting my alarm for the night dose. Well worth it, even though I hated being woken up. This also gave me a chance to take in a bunch more water and ice, because it is at night that the whole area dries out and you will wake with horrible pain. The more you can do to minimize that, the better, IMO!!

Sugar free posicles were great. I allowed them to thaw a little so they were soft to chew.

I did not eat for 2 days, then I started on sqishy cereal. Really this is up to you how you feel. If you are u to more, then go for it. I chose cereal that was high in fiber because the meds tend to make you constipated.

I slept with my head propped up a bit, which seemed to help drainage and so on. And I used throat sweets to numb the area a bit.

Today I had some ear ache...I will post again if this gets worse or my recovery takes on a new direction. What I will say is that, despite the horrendous pain and feeling like c**p, I do not regret having this done. I expected the worst, so it hasn't been a shock to be in so much pain. However, I believe the long term benefits will truly outweigh this temporay discomfort so I am willing to suffer, and dreadful as it may be in the moment!!!


I had surgery today...I am 19 and got my tonsils taken out due to tonsil stones which are nasty i agree. It has been hard on me a little bit, I have to say the liquid form of the pain killer is nastier than robitussin. Drinking ice water all day and having soft ice pops, like if you let it melt in a bowl a little and eat it with a spoon like a slushie, this works amazingly with making your throat feel better and easier to swallow. Ask any questions and i will be happy to answer them


I am now on day 5 or 6, depending on where you start the counting. Today has been HORRIBLE. The pain has been absolutely gut-wrenching. To swollow has been torture and I am just sick to death of feeling so crappy. I have lost about 8lbs from my pathetic diet of soggy cereal...the thought of anything more solid is enough to bring me to my knees. Even the soggy cereal hurts. I have followed every self-help measure available and it still hurts so bad. I just cannot wait for this to over!!!! Despite all this horrificness, I do not regret the Op. I suffered with swollen tonsils (3 times the size they should be) that were pitted and scarred from recurrent bouts of tonsilitis, a huge bout of quinsey last year, and on top of that disgusting tonsil stones caused by the deep pockets and crypts in my chronically diseased tonsils.

This is a recovery like no other because you get worse before you get better (unless you are that miraculous person who is bounding out of bed after day 4 and back in work after a week). Quite frankly, the thought of being at work right now, at almost a week post Op, is enough to make me want to poke my eyeballs out with a rusty fork. I simply could not do it. I woul dbe on my back within the first hour back, crying like a baby and dialing 911 with my toes......<shudder> :'(

I think the first day or two you are still under the influence of trhe anasthetic and morphine, because it is not really until day 3 or so that the pain really kicks in and it goes downhill from there. From what I have read this is most peoples experience too, unfortunately. In fact, I remember feeling quite smug on day 1, home from the hospital, and feeling not too bad about much for that!!

The only liight at the end of my miserable pain suffocating tunnel is that I am now thru 5/6 days of this absolutre hell and that means SURELY this must be half way thru at least. However, no sign of the scabs dropping off yet, and I read that that brings a whole new level of pain with it. I am praying I do not have any bleeding either because that will just be the ultimate slap in the face after struggling through all this harrowing and brutal suffering.

Plus I need to poop. I am so constipated with the pain meds I haven't taken a plop in a week, which is starting to take its tole on my guts. UGH.....

Ok, vent over. Thanks for reading this far!! %-)


OK - I guess I am on day 8 or 9, depending on where you count from. Yesterday was awful. I managed to eat a bit, but I think I scrapped a bit of scab of because things went from painful to absolute torture and I leapt up screaming. I'm sure my posts must read as if I am an absolute baby...but I actually have ahigh tolerance for pain and I gave birth naturally without any painmeds whatsoever.....this is waaaaaaaaaaaay worse than that!

So - that was yesterday. Today though, despite still being in pain, I think I have dropped down the scale from an 11/10 on the pain scale to about an 8. It is still sore, it hurts to swollow still but I think I may have turned a corner. However, still have the scabs....and I hear that it is painful when they plop off, so watch this space! o.O


this will be my second day after surgery.... i keep waking up with having to hock loogies.... but i cant spit them out because it hurts and im afraid my scabs will come of prematurely, yet i cant swallow them because i have no swallowing power... if you know what i mean? does anyone have any advice?


I am 44 and just had my tonsils out on 4/13. So many people told me it was going to be terrible and I almost cancelled many times. But it was absolutely NOTHING like predicted. The pain was minimal, I was off pain medication the next day except at night. I was told that the 3rd day and 9th day were the worst but neither was true. I ate ice cubes by the gallons and more popsicles than I care to tell you. Eat everything cold and nothing hot/warm for at least 5 days. Stay hydrated, get lots of rest. I was up and out of the house 4 days after my surgery. Talking is tough for the first few days and you will sound like you have golf balls in the back of your throat but you can do it! Don't listen to all the naysayers because everyone handles pain differently. I was determined to make it through and I did!


All power to the person above - I sure wish that had been my experience! I have been the h**l and back over the past 11/12 days with yesterday being the first glimmer of hope, and today being a smidge better. I have lost 10lbs, barely eaten and feel horrible both physically and emotionally. Plus the slightest thing exhausts me....I don't think it is the case of being a naysayer, I believe most people experience terrific pain, and you were one of the lucky few who escaped with it being a minor inconvienience. I have a very high pain threshold (I gave birth naturally, for instance)..and this has been excruciating. Having said that, I do not regret it at has been 2 weeks of torture (and likely a few more until I am 100%) but will be a lifetime without tonsil problems, so for me that has been worth the pian, even though it is brutal to go through at the time.


Hi all... I am 36 yr guy on the 3rd day since tonsillectomy.

These are my thoughts of what I thought helped.

- this is my 2nd surgery needing general anaesthetic. I believe the experience from the 1st helped. Then, I threw out and was totally wasted feeling like a hangover on day one. I spoke of my concerns to the anaestist and worries abt vommitting. This time the anaesthetic applied was just right. I was awake shortly after surgery and awake enough within hours with any serious withdrawal symptons I had experienced for my precious surgery. By the time I am home most of the effects are gone.
- the icing and constant drinking definitely helps.
- haiving lots of lozenges is useful. I got strepsils pain reliefs which is great and it could be consumed up to 12 daily. Take it as and when required without exceeding the recommend amount.
- my throat was instantly swelling as if I have a golf ball at the back of the throat. That makes me experience a constant choking feeling. Swallowing my own saliva was so difficult. As a result, I am always the urge to cough. Do not cough! This is probably the thing that saved me from more pain. I know it's pretty instinctive to cough. Try your best to control that. Open up the throat and breathe slowly and let the urge of coughing reduce. I have always being trying to minimise cough for each throat infection. So, I am pretty used to minimising the need to cough.
- get a blender. Till now, I have taking all meals but blended to ease swallowing.
- get protein powder and consume with milk. It gives u the much required nutriention to recover! It's easy to digest too.
- my swelling have went down significantly and finally able to get good sleep without being in the seated position to ease the breathing thr my nose.
- avoid all foods acidic our sour especially fruits.
- lastly, I am not sure why ice cream is suggested. While it's frozen and it numbs pain, it is too sweet and leaves residues that irritates the throat. Still, I am eating them just to pamper myself.

I will update again later in my recovery.


To add... U need to eat to regain your energy levels.
It's not difficult prepare a nutrientious liquid diet. I dun see the need to force solid food down and suffer like he'll. Just eat regularly with ways minimising pain.