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This is Day 11 post-surgery and I'm feeling so much better than most folks on Day 11. I've read so many postings from folks regarding their recovery and they are scary. I'm posting this because I've learned A LOT in the last 11 days and I want to pass along some great tips to help others going through this.

Day 1- Day of surgery was okay. I threw up in the hospital, upon being woken up, because the nurse was insistant on getting the Carafate in my throat. That was NASTY! Regarding pain...I really didn't feel any pain. I was completely grogy and out of it because of the anesthesia. The nurse gave my a slushy to eat and upon being released, she had to give me another syringe of Carafate. I got home and took the liquid antibiotic (Amoxicillin) and took a pain killer (Hydrodone). I tried to eat and had a few spoonfuls of jell-o and some raspberry Sobe juice. I started feeling completely nauseated about an hour later and threw up ugly style...about 4-5 times. It was the anesthesia in me. I proceeded to eat some chicken broth a few hours later and threw up again. Oh it was awful! My mouth felt completely thick and nasty. I slept upright using an upright reading pillow. These are great! I didn't sleep much because I was fearful of my mouth getting dry (hence pain would kick in). I set my alarm to wake my up every 30 minutes to drink water. Needless to say, sleeping was a luxury that I wasn't willing to participate in. Waking up after only being asleep for an hour is excruciating! TRUST ME! Try your hardest to sleep in 30 - 45 min intervals.

Day 2- Pain level was relatively low....I would say a 4 on a 10 point scale. Everything that I prepped for myself, to eat, didn't work. I love jell-o and made every flavor possible. I never thought that I wouldn't want to eat it, post-surgery. The reality is...I tried to eat the jell-o and all I could taste was the artificial sweetener. I spit it out. The same think happened with popsicles. I couldn't eat them...they were too sweet. I ended up eating mashed potatoes (super smooth and soft) on day 2. Thanks goodness for mashed potatoes!! Also, I had to eat about every four hours...because that's when I'd have to take my meds. On Day 2, I was feeling quite good so I decided to call-in to the office talk to folks do some work. This was a HUGE MISTAKE. Talking so much after the surgery takes a toll on your body. It sure as heck did for me. By the time evening came along, I was beyond exhausted and pain started to kick in.

Day 3- Pain level increased to a 7. I had to make sure to stay a head of the pain meds. I was taking them every 3 hours. I was eating pureed beans, which was great because I needed the nutrients and protein. I tried to see my throat but couldn't get my mouth opened was still too sore. Also, I drank water like crazy.

Day 4- Pain level increased to a 9. I was in agony. I was having to take pain meds every 2 hours. I still couldn't eat jell-o or popsicles. I had no energy and could hardly eat anything. I drank as much water as possible.

Day 5- 6 Pain level still high about an 8. My body was feeling like c**p because all I could eat was sunny-side up eggs, chicken noodle soup broth and pureed beans. I needed more nutrients. I was finally able to see my throat. It was scary and gross.

Day 7- Pain still an 8. Also, I had a set-back. I developed an allergic reaction (hives) to the meds. My doctor took me off of everything for 24 hrs. I was SCREWED! I couldn't believe it! This set-back ended up being the BEST thing that could have happened to me. The first 6 hours AFTER I took my last pain med, was tough....I'm not going to lie. I drank SUPER COLD water (ice cold) to get through the pain and it worked. My break-through came when I realized afer 6 hours that the pain had subsided to a 5. It was very tolerable and I didn't need pain killers. I concluded that I was relying on the pain meds way too much. I slept a little that night (45 - 50 min intervals). One more thing, my scabs looked thick and I didn't see any improvement in my throat from the previous day.

Day 8 Pain was a 6. Still very tolerable and no meds. Throat still looking the improvements.

Day 9 Pain skyrocketed to a 10! I got my new meds and they didn't seem to be effective. The reality was that the scabs were beginning to very slowly fall off and it was incredibly painful. I had a burning sensation in my throat , with every sip of water. It was awful. I still ate the same stuff. On day 9 I was in a funk...and I was worried that the scabs were going to take forever to fall off and I was going to be in excruciating pain forever. It was at this moment that I realized that I needed to get major nutrients in me and I needed to change what I was eating, so that I could heal faster. I went to the store and bought a ton of produce (carrots, celery, spinach, cucumbers, kale, apples, etc.). I have a blender so I made a juice out with carrots, celery and cucumbers. I drank about 12 ounces of it and I could not believe the amount of energy that it gave me. Not to mention the fact that my pain started going down tremendously.

Day 10- Pain is a 5. The fresh vegetable juice changed my world! I was FINALLY getting rich nutrients in my body and it was healing super fast! I looked at my throat and it had improved 20 times from the previous day. The white saggy scabs were almost all gone on right side! I was ecstatic! Why had I not done this sooner?! Also, I stopped taking pain meds altogether.

Day 11- Pain is 3. I made a juice using spinach, kale, celery and cucumber and again I improved tremendously from the morning to the night. Now, the scabs on my left side are disappearing at record pace. I'm feeling fanastic today! I ate 2 eggs and 3 pieces of toast! I also made a soup with squash, zuchini, onion, garlic and chicken broth. WOW! It's delicious and incredibly nutritious for my body.

- DRINK A TON OF WATER!! The act of swallowing helps to heal your throat! Plus, you don't want to get dehydrated because the pain is too mcuh...stay hudrated.
- EAT & DRINK NUTRIENT RICH FOODS! I REALLY wish someone had told me how fast the healing process can be simply by consuming fresh vegetable juices and soups. It has CHANGED my outlook on the healing process. I'm telling you, if possible please get a blender and blend as many green vegetables and fruits (with water). Your healing will excelerate tremedously!

I hope this post is helpful. Since finding such success with the vegetable juice, I wanted to pass it along. My only regret is that I didn't start drinking it sooner! I wish everyone a speedy recovery!


I can't even drink anything without it going in my nose and leaking out what do I suppose to do I'm 9 days post op


Dude that's NOT normall


Hi,I'm 52 years old I just heard it sounds like to me on July 27th 2017. Just to let you know I've been reading a lot and he's been helping me. My experience are completely opposite who what I was told to expect after surgery. my surgery went well I stayed in the hospital overnight.It hurt a lot, but heavy medication via IV it works much faster and better. Shapes and colors in my mouth ware changing really fast.
Day 2 recovery:
Pain is getting worse I can barely make 6 hours between pain meds " Vicodin". The only thing that I can eat with chicken egg drop soup. Drink chamomile,everything that was really cold it was hurting a lot the Popsicles ice cream none of those things work at alfor me. I needed look warm. You have to have something on your stomach in order to take your medications, I was lucky that we have a good Chinese takeout and that was my savior.
Day 3 and 4:
Severe pain!!!!!


That is normal, same thing happened to me , just part of it , it’s sucks