Hey guys im 20 years old and on day 7 post tonsillectomy. I live in Melbourne, Australia so I had to stay over night at the hospital. I'll give you a brief update of my recovery: Day 1: when I woke up after the operation and I was back in the ward I made myself drink 3 jugs of iced water, I ate a sandwich and an icy pole, the pain wasn't that bad and for dinner I ate jelly, ice cream and another half a sandwich. Overnight I was given endone and panedine forte but the pain was a 3/10 Day 2: I ate toast and corn flakes and drank more iced water. I didn't sleep very well and the pain was still a 3/10. After I got home I ate a bit of Mac and cheese drank more water and went to bed. Over night I slept right through and only had to wake up once for my meds I thought I was doing great! Day 3: pain was still minimal I ate a sandwich, drank lots of water and ate some rice and half a cheeseburger. It still hurt to swallow though and eating was hard. Over night I was sick and vomited a lot I think from the meds so I had to cut down on the dosage. Day 4: pain was worse especially when eating I barely ate anything just jelly and soft bread and an egg. Day 5: pain was getting worse and waking up was the worst pain I have ever experienced coz my throat was so dry and it was agony taking meds or drinking water. I had to take more if my meds and put ice on my throat and face. I found that warm liquids and foods are better than cold ones. Didn't eat much today except for some baked beans. Day 6: by far the worst day I was in so much pain I couldn't stop crying I felt so miserable. Waking up was agony as my throat was so dry and I had to take my meds every 3 hours throughout the night because the pain was so bad. Drinking water or trying to eat anything was excruciating. I didn't eat much today just some mashed potatoes and iced my neck and had a heat pack. I was miserable I wanted the pain to end and I felt so nauseas from not eating and from all the meds :( Day 7: I put a humidifier in my room over night and slept with my head elevated and I slept with my mouth closed which helped a bit with the dryness..the pain was still bad and I had to wake up every 3 1/2 to take my meds.. I feel a bit better in myself but I can't wait until this is over :( advice to everyone: gargle with warm salt water daily, eat normally from day one so any soft foods! eat after your meds have kicked in and I know it sucks but I'll update with the rest of ky recovery. Good luck to you all