It is known that alcohol consumption causes many health problems but little is known about its affect on mouth cancer. Cancer Research UK is funded with £300,000 by the government to launch a three-year campaign to raise awareness about the risk alcohol poses regarding mouth cancer. The people most at risk like heavy drinkers, smokers and people who chew tobacco will be especially targeted.

Statistics show that number of mouth cancer patients has risen by a quarter over the past 10 years and that around 1600 people died of mouth cancer last year in UK.

It seems as if the number of smokers has fallen but on the other hand, the number of alcohol consumers has risen. The biggest problem is that the people are not even aware that alcohol is the second biggest risk factor after tobacco use. That is the main purpose of the campaign-to make people realize the consequences of drinking in large amounts and also to teach about the symptoms and signs of mouth cancer, so that people can react on time.

Early detection of mouth cancer can significantly improve the chances of treatment and survival. The warning signs for mouth cancer are ulcers or sores in mouth, red or white patch in mouth, an unexplained pain in your mouth or ear, difficulty swallowing, that last for more than tree weeks.
Anyone with these symptoms should contact their doctors or dentists.