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The other night I was at my friends and we got pretty drunk and we also smoked slot of stuff like cigar and weed. But also we were throwing in some big wads of chewing tobacco. Later in the noting I woke up from a massive hang over and I felt my tongue and felt some very werid bumps in the back of my throat! It also feels like I have soar throat.


Chewing tobacco has real risks, just like tobacco smoking. Issues related to the oral cavity are a special concern here, since the tobacco sticks around in your mouth much longer. People who chew tobacco are at a higher risk of things such as:

- Receding gums

- Tooth decay

- Bad breath

- Oral cancer (chewing tobacco lowers your risk of lung cancer but increases your risk of oral cancer)

If it was your first time chewing tobacco, I assume you don't have oral cancer. But sores that don't heal are one of the first signs. Basically, avoid chewing tobacco in future!