A new research published yesterday reports that the average British smoker spends around £92,000 on cigarettes in their lifetime. This number of £92,000 can be transformed into 373,302 cigarettes or 18,665 packs for each smoker.
Regular smokers puff through 15 cigarettes every day, which adds up to 105 a week but most admit to increasing their quota at weekends raising this number up to 116 cigarettes per week.

This study shows that smoking doesn’t only destroy their health but has a very negative affect on people’s income. This is a lot of money to be blown in the air.

UK smokers get through 72 billion cigarettes a year, costing £17 billion. If this money were put on saving accounts, people would have an extra income of thousands of pounds a year and good health.
It has been estimated that if people didn’t spend their money on tobacco they would spend it on other things such as alcohol, gambling or other drugs.