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So, I was a quarter into a beer the other day and my face started feeling very hot. I looked and sure enough I was bright red. I just went home and in 30-45 minutes it was getting better and the redness was almost gone. I have read tons on asian flush and I am not sure if I have it or not. I am just wondering for those who have it or know more about it how it works.


Do you have it everytime you drink?

Have you had it your whole life or did it just suddenly come on one day?


Thank you all for your thoughts and comments


Hello there,

Well alcohol flush reaction known as Asian flush syndrome is a condition in which your face and sometimes even body experiences flushes or blotches. This is result of consuming alcohol. I presume that you are worried because this syndrome has been associated with a high risk of esophageal cancer. But this connection has been discovered in people who are excessive drinkers, and if you are not than you don’t need to worry.

If this condition continues to happen you can consult your doctor, just to be sure that everything is fine. Otherwise you can use medications such as Zantac or Pepcid AC to relive the symptoms of this condition. The medications usually need at least 30 minutes to start to work.