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Hello. here's the situation:

Pulmunary embolism in may 08. I'm on coumadin since 6 months. I drink 10 shots of whisky per day.

How long before my liver quits on me?

No history of liver damage in the family, long line of hard drinkers in the family too. (if it helps). I'm a white male, 23 years old

(pointing out the obvious like...hmmm you drink too much.....ya I know)


If you drink that much whiskey per day, your liver isn't going to hold out for very long. I mean, I think that you are posting here because you are curious about how you are going to do, but if you drink that much, you can seriously damage your liver, even if you have a family history of coming form hard drinkers. Out of curiosity, why is it that you drink so many shots per day? I don't intend to sound judgemental, it just seems like an awful lot to actually drink and it can't possibly be fun after awhile to drink that much, plus I imagine it's expensive! I'm not trying to point out the obvious here but that's what the case is. Keep us posted on how you're doing okay?