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I'm not an alcoholic (trust me, I ask myself it all the time just because I'm paranoid and come to the same conclusion - I don't feel the need to drink, I don't get anxious if I can't get alcohol, and I do choose to stop when I want to be done drinking for the night), however, I have an extremely high tolerance and an anxiety disorder that I dealt with in the form of alcohol for about a year now, drinking about three to four nights a week, probably about a 1/3 of a handle of rum each time, so that I can actually maintain calm.

Yes, I know I am abusing alcohol. I intend to get into therapy and quit drinking asap (essentially, once I actually have a job where I can afford therapy, which hopefully will be soon?) However, I recently had a health check up and all my tests were normal. My liver showed no sign of damage. However, I'm absolutely terrified they were wrong. If my liver is messed up, will it be able to recover? Or have I done too much damage? I'm 25, and have been a regular drinker (though not binge) since I was 19, probably about twice a month until I turned 21, and then probably about twice a week until the last year where I just started drinking way too much in an effort to self-medicate.

Essentially, my question is how bad is the damage to my liver going to likely be and will it recover, will I be healthy and able to live a long life.


If your lab tests came out normal more than once for your liver enzymes, then I would say your liver is not damaged yet. I don't think you've been drinking long enough to have caused liver damage yet. I have been drinking more and way longer than you and my enzymes are still normal, so far. I am considerably older than you, too. So, just try to cut down on your drinking and you should be fine. I don't know, but I would think it would be better for you to take an anti-anxiety medication. I'm not a doctor. This is just my observation.