About a month ago I started suffering from frequent urination, fatigue and thirst a bit later. I'm an amateur athlete and used to work out 2-4 times a week lifting weights. I eat good food most of time, 5-7 times a day (almost no sweets except of sugar with coffe once a day), never over eat etc. Don't take any drugs and dring as small amount of alcohol as possible as it doesn't help to grow muscles. When symptoms appeared I took myself to a doctor and passed a bunch of tests. Here they are:

1. Glucose test: the one which shows average amount of sugare level in blood for a long period, glucose test (I had to dring a glass of glucose and measure sugar level in before the test and then in an hour and two. These came out totally fine. 4.7-5.4 for glucose test and 5.29 for hemoglobine (?)

2. I had ultrasonic scan of my abdominal area and tyroid. These came out more or less fine too. I passed hormone tests for tyroid, here are the results, beware, translation is approximate as this is not my native language and I'm an IT guy, not a doctor:

antibodies to peroxidase - 227.8

antibodies to tireoglobulin 20.7

thyreothrope hormone - 3.27

T4 - 1.46

3. I also had urine tests, a morning portion. Everything came out fine as well. No protein, no glucose there etc. Density was fine too.


I tried to measure the amount of urine which comes out from my body and it's about 1.5-1.8 (maybe two maximum) litres per day in average. My height is 6 feet and 5 inches and weight is around 200 pounds. My water consumption is more or less normal, I drink about two litres of water per day.


So according to the tests I'm healthy person, but I know smth. is going wrong because of that strange taste and frequent urination which come and go. I also lost a couple of pounds of weight but it seem to have stabilized at a certain point and I think this is because I stopped eating 6-7 times again due to workouts and eat 3 times a day now because I don't go to gym yet and workout at the stadium with my own body weight. I  Except of that I feel totally fine. I have enough energy , sleep well etc.

P.S. The strange thing is that some days I urinate often (about 8-10 a day), and some days I don't (4-5 times a day). I also didn't have sweet taste in my mouth for a couple of weeks (I used to have it before, more or less at the beginning of my symptomes but then it vanished) but I was on vacation and ate c**p food and a lot of sweets (chocolate in particular) + about 50-100 (1-2 shots) of whiskey each day five days in a row. 


P.S. I have diabetes in my family, my brother and my mother.

I would appreciate if you could advise me on further steps because I didn't get strict answer neither from my doctor (endocrinologist) nor from the forums where I posted my topics.