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My 20yr old brother has never had sex or oral sex before!, but he confided in me saying that he is easily aroused and when he masturbates he cums under 3-4 minutes! Does this make someone a premature ejaculator? Also can having a stomach bug or an unsettled stomach make you easily aroused or ejaculate prematurely? Since i hear d anus can heighten sexual excitement.



There is nothing wrong with your 20 year old brother not having sex before. No need for the exclamation point.

Most guys "train" themselves to ejaculate quickly when masturbating. Think about it, he's probably in an environment with little privacy and needs to just get it done. Will he ejaculate quickly the first time, probably. Most guys seem to but many don't. You can't predict this.

I've always found that if I'm feeling sick, I'm not in the mood for sex. I don't think it'd make you more easily aroused.