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Hey all,

recently my boyfriend of a year and a half has been telling me he thinks I might be bi-polar, it all started because I have vicious mood minute I'll be angry for no reason and I'll physically start a fight over nothing but then the next minute I'll be in tears and then out of no where I just start crying because I'm, want to shout from the roof tops happy? 

I really have no idea what's wrong with me...I personally don't think I am bi-polar but there is definitely something odd going on with me.

If anyone can help I'll be very grateful :)  


Hey Bubs18,


No one here would be able to give you a solid diagnosis- if you think you may have a mental health disorder, such as bi-polar (manic depression), then absolutely go and see your doctor or get an appointment at a health clinic and speak to a professional.

The lovely people here can give you some suggestions & advice, but they may not completely fit your situation, so it's always best to check things out with a pro.


Sudden mood swings are certainly characteristic of bi-polar, but also characteristic of a lot of other illnesses- mental and physical.


Firstly- are you diabetic or do you have any health problems? Are you on medication for anything? Before assessing whether you have a mental health issue, look at your physical health. You may need blood tests to determine something like diabetic or anemia- both of which can cause mood swings. Alternatively, it mood swings can be a side effect of medication- check anything you are taking.

Are you on the contraceptive pill/injection/implant? Do you have any hormone or thyroid problems? Hormone and thyroid issues can cause mood swings. Again, these can be determined by a blood test. If you have hormone problems, the contraceptive pill or HRT can help, but if you are already on a contraceptive pill/injection/implant or HRT, perhaps it needs to be changed.


Secondly- mental health problems are complicated and quite hard to diagnose correctly on the first visit to a professional. Some mental health problems can be co-morbid, where characteristics of two mental health disorders are present (such as depression & OCD; bi-polar & social anxiety disorder, etc). Bi-polar has similarities to borderline personality disorder and some anxiety & depression disorders. The prime differences between them lie in the prognosis and triggers. A mental health problem, such as bi-polar (where the main cause of the illness is a chemical imbalance), can be diagnosed incorrectly when the issue may be more anxiety & depression related (where the main cause of the illness is situational), so a lot of factors need to be considered.

To determine whether it may be bi-polar, you might consider the answers to these questions- how long have these drastic mood-swings been present? How old are you? What is your socio-economic status? Have you ever been diagnosed with a mental health illness in the past? Do you have a history of abuse or where you abused as a child?

These questions may be asked by a professional. There is evidence to suggest that bi-polar disorder may occur in those who have experienced abuse and/or PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), those who experience high levels of stress & have poor coping strategies and more frequently occurs in women aged between their teenage years and early 30's.  

There are four sub-types of bi-polar: type I and type II, cyclothymia & undifferentiated (not otherwise specified). They all slightly differ in how strongly the episodes occur & their duration, but all are characterised by hypomania and depression.


Go & see a doc- they will be able to give you more answers.


Good luck