My ex boyfriend has bi polar disorder. His Mom is bi polar 1 and he believes he is as well. He is unmediated and does not see a counselor. I know he has taken benzos and pain pills to help with his mood swings and aches. We have been on and off again for 8 months with the shortest time apart less than a week. The last two months of our relationship we were living together. I did everything to support him through mood swings, losing his vehicle and previous job, money problems, drug and alcohol abuse, etc. He had manic episodes before and had gotten so angry that he punched holes in the doors, broke my car keys, screamed at me and pushed me down leaving bruises, threw his own phone and broke it and randomly got up and left the house for no apparent reason. The couple of times we broke up he always told me he was sorry and missed me and we got back together. We broke up three weeks ago after he accused me of cheating on him for no reason. I would never even think of talking to other men and am deeply in love with him. He was living in my home with me and my two young children. After he accused me of cheating he screamed at me and called me a b***h. I knew he was manic and I was afraid so I locked my bedroom door and he busted it down. He seemed to feel guilty after that and tried to fix it. When I tried to talk to him or touch him he only got more irritated. He said he was leaving and took all of his things out to his car and just sat out there. I got him to calm down and come back inside and lay down and tried to hold him and tell him it was ok and that I understand and forgive him. I told him I loved him. He stood up yelling at me again and punched a hole in my wall and left. I called him several times with barely a response. Days went by and I tried to reach out with no response. I finally said "I am sorry for bothering you. I give up." Then he responded with he was deeply sorry for what happened and he would fix everything and come get the rest of his stuff soon. I begged and pleaded with him not to end our relationship, I told him I knew it was the mental illness causing him to act like he did and not him! Days went by and nothing from him. I finally told him I would return his things to his friends house and forward any mail to him. He said he was homeless and going through a lot. I told him I was here for him if he needed anything. He seemed to not care. Nothing for days again and then he texted me in the middle of the night telling me his dad had died from a heart attack. I told him I was sorry and asked if I could do anything and asked if he was ok. He wouldn't talk to me. Days went by again and he would not respond when I reached out and would not initiate any conversation with me. Then he randomly told me he missed his black hat he left here. I asked him if that was all he missed and he said no. I left it at that. Tried to call him a few days later when I was near where I knew he was staying and told him I wanted to see him. I wanted to make sure he was ok after his dads death, I know that was hard on him! He ignored my texts and calls and finally simply said "I'm ok". Days went by again and he randomly texted me telling me how frustrated he was with losing his job, his boss closed down the store he worked at. I tried to be a friend and talk to him and he would not respond. I asked him why he would randomly contact me in what seemed to be a cry for help (I didn't use those exact words) but he would not respond when I tried to help. I would be willing to just listen, he always told me when we were together how much I meant to him and how he would be a mess without me, how he appreciated how I would always listen and be there for him. Well finally a day or so went by and he told me he was moving to the Virgin Islands with his half sister. He said he was sorry things did not work out between us but he was making a drastic change in his life and he hoped it all worked out for the best. He told me he wished the best for me and that I was a kind and loving person. This was almost a week ago and the first few days I called and texted quite a bit telling him I was sorry too and I would miss him and wanted him to be happy and would always be his friend. No response of course so I finally asked why he would not talk to me as a friend and why would he contact me when he was down even after we broke up only to ignore me after I responded. I have not heard from him in four or five days now and I never got any money for the damages. He left two days ago for the Virgin Islands. I don't understand why he stopped talking to me after all that has been said and done. I did nothing but love and support him and I know he cares for me too but it's killing me not even hearing from him at all. He would not friend me back on Facebook either. I'm so heartbroken and never gave up hope that we would get back together because we always have before!! I creeped on his Facebook page and he dropped his first name and goes by his middle name now which I thought was out of the ordinary for him. Someone please give me some advice! Should I try to contact him again? Should I give up and try to move on? Do you think he will come back to town at least? Will I ever hear from him again? My mind is spinning. I have read it is hard for people with bi polar to move to a new place where they don't know anyone and start over because they miss the routine they had and stability in their life. I am constantly worried about him.