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the man I love is bi-polar. We want to start a family but are scared for him to go off his medication. He is on a mix of lithium, benzetropin, risperdaland prozac. I have talked to my dr and they said he should be off of them for 3 months before we start trying

What could happen to a fetus that was created on the mix of meds listed if we have an accidental pregnancy? I'm on the pill but it is known to happen.

Does anyone know of any bi-polar meds that are ok to be one while trying to get pregnant?



I suggest you talk to a professional on this one. Even though there are bi-polars who may be able to give you advice or knowledge on what those meds can do, a professional would be able to give you definite knowledge. Perhaps go to both a psychiatrist and an OB/GYN and ask about the effects.