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I am again utterly distraught after my partner has, once again, walked out after 2 months.  After reading many of the posts on this site that relate to this I have come to realise that he may actually be bi-polar or hypomanic but he will not allow me to help him.  If anyone is going through a similar situation and would like to chat please please please get in touch as my friends will no longer listen to me - they feel that I have become a doormat by taking him back time and time again


I can 99.99% assure you that we are all in the same boat.Its a tough relationship for both partners.If its any conxellation my bi polar gf has broken up with me four times in a year,Shes now gne four months.Yet we were out with friends last night and she came over to me and we both had a good laugh and chat.Be grateful for small mercies.Hang out with other people too.A lotta people say that tough love is the answer with borderline and bi polar but just be very careful cos it is a sensitive illness.