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last year, i got terribly ill and resulted in being sick all the time, once i got better i found myself still making myself sick. i started making myself sick and then exercising after it and lost alot of weight. However i stopped exersicing as much but still made myself sick always after eating, i feel guilty, like there is something in my stomach that wont go away until i make myself sick and then i feel a sense of relief that ive thrown up what i've eaten. I eat things, when i feel like i shouldnt, but then get a sense of reassurance when ive eaten it because i can then go into the bathroom and bring it back up again, and then i feel better. I put the tap on when im making myself ill. I feel like i can control what im doing but and on days where i feel like ive not overeaten and only eaten 2 meals or less than a normal mount of calories, i wont make myself sick. i make note of what ive eaten and make sure i eat less that the recommended amount of calories and fat. i suffer from constant headaches, tiredness, sore stomachs and a breakout on my skin. i5m really scared to tell someone what im doing because im scared they will think it'5s all in my head and will judge me for it, or think that im making it up - because im still a bit over weight. i hate my body so much and have sometimes resulted in cutting at my leg. im scared incase there is something wrong with me and im not normal. what is that is wrong with me?


You sound like you're falling into bulimia but you can only get diagnosed by a professional/doctor. I've been through all eating disorder types and I don't want anyone to have to go through an eating disorder. PLEASE tell someone you trust and go see a professional, so you can get help and can stop damaging yourself before it's too late.