im not to sure what i have but i know i need help and im 16. i dont really know how to describe it. but its been like it for months. just worried about everything i had something tramatic happen to me last septemeber and i havent been the same since to be honest. im always down, im constantly crying over nothing. never want to do anything. im always thinking people are going to leave me. feel lonely a lot. no-one understands me i dont really understand myself. im always believing things are going to keep getting worse in my life. always scared. feel like im pushing people away but in my head i believe there just leaving me. always feeling like whatever i do is no good. i get angry easily which i never used to before i was always the one with no anger but now the littlest thing will set me off. i seem to upset the people i love. Always feeling really ill. like one week i wont stop eating then another week i wont eat at all. back and chest pains alot. and when i had the tramatic thing happen to me i kept getting nightmares. and now im getting them again but i know my nightmares that are happening now are stuff i fear will happen to me, bein left on my own, having no-one. get headahces a lot. and always thinking bad things will happen to me. and i am a really deep thinker and then i cant the thoughts out of my head. And everytime i eat makes me feel sick. i have problems sleeping too cant get to sleep till early hours of the morning and cant sleep properly and wake up alot during the time i sleep. i dont know whats wrong with me can anyone help ?