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i had some iffy mussels at a restaurant on friday night, and was sick on the night. (i was also quite drunk so im not sure if it was the alcohol or the food?!) i couldnt eat the next day because i just felt sick at every food i tried to eat, even just bland things like a slice of toast. it is now monday and i still havent eaten anything and just drank lots of juice and water. i really want to eat because i feel tired and weak but i cant bring myself to because i just keep gagging and think im going to be sick. im usually the kind of person who if they dont eat gets irritable as i love my food and its very frustrating! ive never had any food issues in the past with eating (like bulimia or anorexia), and im not pregnant or on medication. i do smoke but that doesnt supress my hunger usually and even when i have been having a ciggarette in the past few days they have made me feel ill and its stressing me! i dont know if i just have food poisoning or i should go to the doctor or i just have a bug? someone help please! 


Hi Carlaw,

It sounds more like food poisoning as the timing is right.  Sea food can make you very ill.
For now, keep drinking fluids as best you can.  Avoid dairy products.  Maybe have some soup.

Usually in 24-48 hours you're feeling better.  If it continues I'd suggest you see your doctor.

Hope it helps.