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ok I think i have social anxiety but im not really sure. All of the time i constantly think about how people think of me. Im also scared to talk to people sometimes because i cant figure out where my eyes should be and feel i either stare or look away to much. Also when i walk in front of groups of people sometimes i start to walk funny. I also have trouble greeting people like in a hallway or something because i think ill sound stupid.

The past few months its been getting a little better but the problem still exists. I thought i could leave it alone but its becoming a problem. People view me as an as****e or someone who doesn't care about anything including my teachers. This is because i can have a conversation with them or talk to them sometimes, but then i wont do simple things like say hi to them. My teachers think im never paying attention and class and don't do anything, but its because i don't like answering because i don't know where to look when i ask or listen to someone. Also when im with a group of people i dont know i tend not to talk and keep to myself.

I just don't understand because sometimes i have these feelings but other days i wont have any of them. And like i said teachers are starting to notice a problem and some kids just think im an ass. When im with my friends usually this doesn't happen.

If someone could tell me what is wrong with me that would be greatly appreciated. Im 16


Hi there, it sure could be. Cnat belive noone has replied to your post. I am 32, double your age. I think whatever it iis, our feelings come and go. I honestly thought that I dbe better by my age and through my life.

Like you, at school I felt really intimadated by not only teachers, but other school pupils. i used to think about saying Hi to folks and wanting to say things so much that Id think about it too much and then would not do anything about my wants. Its when you realise that it does hold you back and you are not being protrayed in the correct light that the condition is becoming a problem.

I also used to and still do worry so much about what others think that I loose my confidence, and worry that people think I am stupid. its one of the wort things. As soon as you start with that paranoia you are in a constant battle trying to prove to others that you are not , but as you analyse things so much , you ened up making mistakes. And so on. It can be viscious. You can, however, get help. At your age , id recomend that you go and talk to a health professional about your concerns, they can give you something to make you feel a bit more able, to stop having these obsessive thoughts ( your over analysing htings) and so that things seem altogether clearer.

My thoughts are with you. You can learn techniques, and there are also self help books ( which you can read in private , if you do not feel ready to go for help). overcoming anxiety is one.

I found at your age , that I used to stare into space and drift in and out , my focus was never very good, but then if someone or if I felt someone had insulted me, or missjudged me , in anyway, I used to stay up late to work out ways to prove them ...that I was not what I thought they thought I am( if you get me). the best way to deal with it take your time. When you start to analyse your actions...maybe try and rule out your fear....take a breath....and just think there is nothing wrong with me.....wits the others that have a problem. Its not you, its them ...and so on .....Try and turn your fears ( I am still trying) You will get there. sometimes it comes back, sometimes something will trigger it...and you have to strat al over......but the more you deal with it, the easier it gets.

I hope Ive helped you.


what you described yourself going through at my age is exactly what i am going through now.


Sorry to hear that, but I hope I can try and help you.

It can be really isolating, it can make you extremley lonely and socially deprived. try your best not to let it get to you. if you feel you need time ( you ) time , then you must take it, but instead of thinking about the days events, make sure you do something you enjoy.

Whatever you do , do not make the inevitable mistake of going out with your mates and drinking your sorrows away. that demon is the worst trick in the book. A) It gives you a false sense of security. B) Your confidence increases and C)It can do you huge damge in the long run, and you inevitably do things that you later will regret. it also can be really dangerous.( believe me, I know)

if you have any really good friends, perhaps try talking with them about your feelings. You need to try and keep networking- as it can get a lot worse without this effort.

I do understand however, how difficult and isolated you may feel, I do know that it can be very difficult to trust others when you feel like they think you different. thats when you start with the "what have thye got that I havent feeling" and then make yourself feel inadequate and alone. never feel inferior to anyone. Just dont- there is no need- and never let anyone belittle you . If you get this now and tyr to do some training exercises- youd altogether be a better person for it. Remeber there are a lot of 16 years olds out there that dont have a clue how you are feeling, and when you get better you will be an alotgether more sensitive compassionate person. A lot of adults at my age, still do not know what anxiety is or what it can lead to- so dont beat yourself up, try and deal with it.

I hope I have helped you here and not said anything disabling. if you ever want to talk, Ill be here at the other end of this PC.

Take care


When I said altogether better person for it, I did not mean that you were not a good person, I meant as in you will feel altogether better. Sorry, didnt mean any offence