heres my case i basically want to figure out what i have, i feel constant pain in my belly area as if really bloated my bowel movement are often but very small often 4 bowel movements in one day wont even match the amount of 1 regular bowel movement, i haven't eaten in a while i constantly feel full or bloated im now drinking loads of water but near no fibers (no hunger) it started with dry hard stools and moved on to diarrhea, after a bowel movement i often feel better but the pain comes back pretty soon its been about 2 days now since ive really felt hungry with no bloating feeling
i figured i was simply constipated to which point i would rather that than abdominal obstruction, i figured it was not the case because i had not really felt sick or nausea, nor have i vomited no fever either simply not hungry with a bloating feeling bowel movement are usualy often ( up to about 4 tims a day) but short
i just want to make sure taht these sympstoms are all consistent with constipation and not abdominal obstruction wich is freaking me right out... i would like to avoid surgery lol