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I was recently diagnosed with pneumonia was given antibiotics and given a week off from work. I finished my antibiotics but still continue to have the pain on the right side of my chest in which made me go to the hospital to begin with. Just wondering could I still have pneumonia even after taking all my antibotics? I was going to go back to hospital for them to take another xray but I just started working again just not sure what to do. Please help


Hi lorasonge,
I thought I had replied to your post but am having trouble logging in as I don't think I've been approved yet. 

I currently have atypical pneumonia.  I had two chest xrays, a contrast CT scan and even though my local doctor thought after four 
days that perhaps I had an atypical form of bacteria, the hospital Emergency Dpt and scan results said I did not have pneumonia.  

It wasn't until my chest pains became really severe that I went back to Emergency (this was a week into my symptoms) and they finally gave me a VQ Scan, where you breathe a special gas and have a contrast dye also, to check lung function as well as blood flow.  This is the only conclusive kind of scan which finds atypical pneumonia (and smaller blood clots in lungs), it doesn't show in Xrays or contrast CT Scans.  

I have had blood clots in my lungs 5yrs ago, a Pulmonary Embolism, I found out since I have a genetic tendency (with the rest of my family) to get blood clots.  If they end up in your lungs, the pain is the same as for pneumonia.  But it still took a week for them to consider this could be a cause as I am on Warfarin to thin my blood already.  No clots thankfully. 

Thinking perhaps you should request a VQ Scan for atypical pneumonia?  I was on 2 x 500mg capsules, 3 x daily of Amoxycillin/Amoxil and it did nothing.  It wasn't until my local doctor put me onto Doxcycylene that I started to feel better, if it is an atypical pneumonia bacteria, you will need a different kind of antibiotic to penicillin.  I am still very weak and have chest pain still two weeks after first getting sick but definitely feel better than at the start.

Perhaps a different kind of antibiotic and a VQ Scan (if you can get one) would help.
All the best,



As far as Pulmonary Embolism & flipping clots. Have you been tested for Factor V. It is a blood test. Know big deal.