Before i had the operation (3 piles removed) i read various reports and was horrified to the extent that i nearly chickened out and suffered in silence. I am a 65 yr old male and have suffered with piles for many years and the last exam i had i was simply expecting to have the offending articles banded again but i was peremptorially told that i needed surgery. I had it 11 days ago and the pain was everything that had been promised but i persevered and am now hopefully on the road to recovery. Prepare yourself pre op by taking stool softeners and high fibre foods for about a week beforehand (i didn't)! Equip yourself with a Sitz bath and use it regularly after bowel movements and speaking of your first post op BM just try to relax and let your body take over. Make sure you have plenty of sterile gauze dressings to place between your cheeks to avoid leakage and above all try to keep a sense of humour, it won't last for ever. Good Luck!!