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I had firstly (13-Nov-2007)an anterior decompression of C5,6 & 7 and after this failed to halt the progression of numbness and tingling on arms, hands, torso, legs and feet also underwent a posterior decompression (7-Jan-2008). This however caused severe neck spasms which were then addressed by further lengthening of the rods (14-Jan-2008) in the back of the neck during the first posterior op. Thus I underwent three interventions in the same area in short space of time.
My concern is that now being 5 weeks post op there is very little improvement in the symptoms especially in my arms and hands and what improvement there is has been sporadic and limited.
I have been told that long term compression will take a long time to correct; damage to the spine is non recoverable and short term compression should correct itself almost immediately. The numbness and tingling in my left arm only presented itself three weeks after the initial anterior decompression yet they are now still as bad as ever.
What am I to think and what should I push my surgeon for at my six week post op consultation?


I do not know if you have checked out the other blogs concerning this surgery or not. If you have then you have probably read my blogs stating that I am enduring the same problem as you after C-5, C-6 anterior replacement fusion over two and a half years ago.

I've been to numerous doctors. Through numerous treatments including Physical Therapy without any luck at finding a cure.

This week I am starting a "new" venture with a reumotologist hoping that I will find an answer as to why I am so miserable all of the time.

Muscle spasms, trigger points, weakness and feeling as if my upper body weighs a ton are my biggest problems.

Anyway alot of people are describing the same types of issues after this surgery. If I do get an answer of some type I will definitely pass my findings on to all of you that are suffering so keep checking back to these blogs.

Best of luck to you.