Ok so I am making my appt for my hemorrhoid surgery tomorrow. I will have it in a month or two. I'm not going to lie I am terrified! I am a 26 year old female and I've been dealing with hemmorhoids for 7 years now (thank you first born son) haha. Well I've finally decided to go ahead with the surgery. I've been reading all of these posts and I am trying to not change my mind. I want them gone for good! What should I do to prepare? What are the best meds for pain afterwards. What are the best foods? I'm planning on doing the Sitz bath, colace, high fiber ritual but is there anything else? How long on average before y'all could go back to work? I work at home I have a daycare. Btw I have internal and external hemorrhoids. The external are pretty bad. In fact I didn't know I had internal until my doctor told me I did! My doctor told me after the surgery she will leave a catheter in that slowly gives pain meds for 4 days, one on either side of my anus. She described it as kind of like an epidural. Has anyone heard of this? Also after all the healing is done (tmi I know) how does it look? Obviously not like the day you were born but does it look all deformed? I'm sure I will have more questions later and I'm sorry I am rambling but that's what i do when im worried. Thank you all or your responses!