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Hello, everyone!  I hope someone sees this post because I'm in desperate need of some advice regarding the decison to undergo Hemorrhoid Surgery. 

I'll preface this post by saying that I'm a seventeen-year-old gay male, and that I've dealt with Hemorrhoids for the past year now.  Most likely, they were caused by a mediocre diet and an overzealous weight-lifting regiment, both of which I'm sincerely regretting and have adjusted now.  I'm starting college in about six weeks, and I'm very concerned about having a Hemorrhoid flare-up while living in my dorm and being unable to care for them as properly as I am now.  This past week or so, I've had to take sitz baths three times a day and apply Preparation H as many as six times a day to cope with the extreme itchiness and minor pain that I've been experiencing; this ordeal has made me consider undergoing Hemorrhoid Surgery.

I visited my doctor this morning, and, after performing a Digital Rectal Exam (DRE), she told me that I have one relatively small external Hemorrhoid and possibly another internal one.  My hope was that the Hemorrhoid could be treated with ligation as opposed to surgery because of the risk of pain and complications associated with Hemorrhoidectomies, but my doctor told me that ligation isn't used to treat external Hemorrhoids because of the amount of nerves in the area, and that surgery is my only real solution.  That is, besides continuing to grit my teeth and just treat the symptoms, which I have very little interest in doing.

The idea of undergoing surgery and the possible complications it may yield frighten me, and this fear has been greatly exacerbated by the number of horror stories I've read across various forums like this one.  My reasoning is that even though I believe my case to be more minor than most I've read about, there definitly won't be a better time for me to have the surgery than now as I have a six week block of time to fully recover before school starts, and that the pain and recovery time post-surgery would hopefully be decreased because of the relatively minor case I have.  I like the fact that surgery is a more permanent solution, and I think that a few weeks of pain may be worth several years (at the very least) of carefree bliss in which I'm not constantly having to think about this embarrassing problem.  I'd to nip the Hemorrhoids in the bud, so to speak. 

I'll admit, my vanity is also playing a small role in urging this deicsion forward.  While I'm not sexually active now, I plan to be in college, and I'd very much like to be confident in my appearance and as a painfree as possible during intercourse.

So now, I'm asking you for your opinions and testimonials to help shed some more light on the situation at hand.  For a more minor case of Hemorrhoids, will the surgery recovery time be easier to manage?  Have those of you who have undergone surgery been pleased with your experience/results?  Is there anything I'm not considering in this decision, or anything you wish you had known before having the surgery?  And finally, my vain question, after all is said and done and the wound has fully healed, does the area appear normal again?

I'd really appreciate any help you can give me.  Thank you for your time and understanding.


I had an hemmoroidectomy when i was 15. It sucks for about a month and i cried, ALOT. But it was totally and 100% worth it. But now they have came back (due to heavy lifting i believe) im eighteen. I'm going to have the surgery again. I know what the aftermath will be like, but believe its worth it. It hurts ALOT! My aunt says its worse than childbirth (just the healing part not the actual labor). I'm not looking forward to it but I'm prepared for whats to come and I think it would be a good idea for you also. But do not let anyone fool you. Mine were very SMALL last time and it still hurt VERY badly.