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Do you feel free? If not, do you want to?

I love the word 'Freedom.' Is there anyone who doesn't want freedom? We have quite a lot of external freedom in America, but do you have internal freedom - emotional freedom?

One of the things that the practice of Inner Bonding gives to me is emotional freedom. Notice that I bolded 'practice,' since one of the major results of a consistent Inner Bonding practice is emotional freedom.

Here are some of the freedoms that my Inner Bonding practice has given me:

  • The freedom to not take others' behavior personally
  • The freedom to trust my own feelings and perceptions
  • The freedom to trust my spiritual Guidance
  • The freedom to deeply feel all of my feelings
  • The freedom to have the strength to be willing to lose others rather than lose myself
  • The freedom to honor my own sense of integrity
  • The freedom to take loving care of myself
  • The freedom to know that I am deserving of love
  • The freedom to speak my truth, without blame or judgment
  • The freedom to make the right, best decisions for myself
  • The freedom to create my own internal sense of safety and worth
  • The freedom to constantly learn new and exciting things
  • The freedom to face life head on rather than trying to control it
  • The freedom to live in my heart and soul rather than in my head
  • The freedom to not concern myself with what others think of me
  • The freedom to accept myself and others
  • Freedom from self-judgment and from toxic guilt and shame
  • The Freedom to rapidly move out of any anger, anxiety or depression
  • The freedom to learn from pain and conflict, and not experience myself as a victim
  • The freedom to choose the thoughts that make me feel the best
  • The freedom to make mistakes, or fail, without it reflecting on my self-worth
  • The freedom to work at something with commitment, without the outcome defining my worth
  • The freedom to be creative
  • The freedom to enjoy being alone, and also enjoy being with others
  • The freedom to love with my whole heart and soul
  • The freedom and strength to accept and nurture - to bear - the heartbreak and loneliness of life
  • The freedom to take my wounded self lightly
  • The freedom to open my heart at will

I'm sure this isn't a complete list, and I'd love to hear from you about some of the freedoms that your Inner Bonding practice gives you.

Emotional freedom is so precious, and not something that my wounded self can ever experience. Before Inner Bonding, my wounded self was bound up in many programmed false beliefs that robbed me of my emotional freedom. Through my consistent daily Inner Bonding practice, so many of these false beliefs have healed in the light of truth from my Guidance and from taking loving action.

As I look back through this list, which came through me just now as I'm writing this article, I feel so grateful to have these freedoms. Each one of them is precious to me. I can consider each one and remember when I didn't have it, and how hard that was. I can remember the Inner Bonding work I have done to attain this freedom. My little girl is so grateful to my loving Adult that I have consistently practiced Inner Bonding these last twenty-six years, to have reached the point of enjoying all these freedoms!

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