I am scheduled for surgery in the next few weeks.

Originally I was expecting the PPH surgery and was reading all I could on it. After my exam a couple days ago my CRS recommended the traditional surgery. I brought a picture with me of my arse during the 3rd day of throbbing and he said I had a thrombosed hemmie. I've been dealing with this pain for 8 years and I don't believe he knew I had an external thrombosed hemmie. I guess because it goes back in and he sees me when I'm not in pain. So over the years he's done a few RBL's on the internal hemmies. He says I have a large internal and a smaller internal to go along with the external thrombosed one that is causing the pain.

I asked about the Harmonic Scalplel. He said they didn't use that and used the other method (my guess is the electrocautery pencil)

He gave me some information and I was trying to take it all in and something that struck me funny was he said that he'd do some cuts inside and that would take care of the external hemmie problem.

Does that sound right? My impression is that he'll take care of the inner roids and in turn it would stop the external from bothering me.

But at the same time he also said he'd try the PPH method first before immediately switching to traditional surgery. He said that his experience with males with muscular, tight asses that he can't get the PPH device up far enough to get it in the proper position. So if he can't get it in proper position he can do traditional surgery instead.

He also said that at 2 weeks the recovery pain is about the same in all groups (PPH, cautery, Harmonic scalpel). But he did warn the first 3-4 days would be hell on earth.

So if anybody can give any opinions, advice and/or thoughts on this I'd be grateful. I'm really interested in thoughts about not touching the externals because the internal hemmie work would "fix" the external hemmie problem.

I mean the internal one is big but doesn't cause me pain. I assume the thrombosed external that pops out every 6-8 weeks is the one that hurts like hell for 4-5 days. I want to make sure that the pain goes away and if his "theory" of the external fixing itself as a result of the traditional surgery on the internal hemmies is normal